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OPINION: Gov. Makinde Living on Over-rated Illusion, By Kola AMZAT


It happens in life that, nature may just single out a ‘being’ for honor & glory by presenting him, with undeserved & unmerited crown. It’s also possible that God in His characteristic unfathomable ways,could grants unusual benevolence to a ‘being’, perhaps as a compensation for good deeds, whose such ‘being forefathers’ had involved in, in the past.

That’s maybe the case of Mr. Seyi Makinde, who mysteriously found himself in Agodi Governor’s office as Chief Executive Officer of Oyo state after the 2019 gubernatorial election. Without a notable political structure and political antecedents, except that, he had some few currencies, he’s throwing around, he miraculously emerged as governor, in a state noted for her rich political history, presence of politicians with undoubted sagacity, as well as politically savvy citizenry.

God deployed the likes of Senator Rasheed Ladoja, as well as prominent Oyo & Oke Ogun political forces, as instruments to ensure his ascendancy to power & authority.

But, instead for the governor to appreciate the unseen hands of nature and uncommon favor from God and start deploying all his time to attend to the numerous challenges of the state, as well as deliver the dividend of democracy to the citizenry, he’s just gallivanting about, throwing his weight around as the new leader of PDP in the southwest geo-political zone, a venture completely in contrast with the mandate good people of the state placed on his shoulders.

He’s not bothered & concerned with the progress, growth and development of the state, as long as PDP adherents in the Yoruba states recognize him as the new leader of the zone.

He indeed compounded this misadventure by dabbling into high wire traditional matter in the state, when sometimes early in the Year 2020, he accused the legendary monarch, Alaafin of Oyo, Oba LamidiOlayiwola Adeyemi III, of insubordination and lacking respect for the constituted authority.

Till date, he has not been courageous enough to tell us, where the monarch went wrong.  He continued the macabre dance, when he dissolved all the state executive of Local Government Councils constitutionally constituted by the good people of the state through elections. I’m also sure that by now, that he’s at loggerheads with all the major stakeholders who ensured his emergence as governor.

The same governor recently referred to all his predecessors in office as charlatans. His worst miscalculation is his quest to be in charge of PDP political bloc in the South West zone, without regards for the indomitable presence of the likes of Chief Bode George, Ayo Fayose, Otunba Segun Adewale, and even, Senator Rasheed Ladoja. In his quest to hijack the structure of the party from these eminent party leaders in the zone, he’s been hobnobbing with Governors Wike& Obaseki, as well as Uche Secondus and others within PDP family especially in the Niger Delta regions.

However, our major concern in the state is that, purposeful & efficient governance is lacking. It’s the same quest for power that made him lobby to be appointed as Chairman, of Campaign Committee of PDP for the recently concluded Ondo state gubernatorial election, where PDP suffered crushing defeat.

Meanwhile, while he was at Ondo, hoodlums invaded one of his enclaves, Ogbomoso land to be precise, unleashing mayhems and terror on the good people of the city. Governor Makinde has completely missed his ways. Someone must advise this governor that a 21st century leader must be purposeful, focus, developmental and face squarely, the purpose for which he’s elected. A 21st leader must endeavor to deploy every resources of the state for the benefit of the state, with respect to the infrastructural development, massive investments in health, education and agricultures sectors etc, for the purpose of igniting & triggering real economic developments in all facets, rather than committing hard-earned resources of the state on phantom projects like Iwo road interchange and ‘mere’ rehabilitation of Adamasingba stadium that the governor announced would cost N8.1 Billion and N5.2 Billion respectively. What a squander mania of the state Treasury!

The centerpiece of this write-up is that, Governor Makinde has shown eloquently clear, the semblance of who he is, in just 18 months while in office, we would have in our hands a loose cannon if we make that mistake of returning him for second term in office. Oyo people in all walks of life must therefore collectively arise and make it a project to send him parking during 2023 general elections. That’s the only path to restore orderliness & normalcy in governance in the state.



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