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OPINION: Gov. Obaseki’s Re-Election Bid Already in Flames, By Kola Amzat


The biggest rewarder of deeds is nature. Nature doesn’t struggle & argue with the ingrates; it just walks in, at the appointed time, strikes and pays them back in their own coins. Nature has already held Governor Godwin Obaseki captive and it would be most interesting to see how he will wriggle out.

Of course, it might have been disclosed to him in the spiritual realm that curtain is already drawn on his tenure as governor of Edo State. In the first place, why should he even contemplate coming back? He must be living in the fantasy land to harbor any thought of being re-elected come Sept 19.

This is a man who through sheer benevolence of Adams Oshiomole was ushered into the loaded cabinet of the comrade as Chief Economic Adviser of the state. No political bloc, no obvious political antecedents, no political influence nor affinity whatsoever with the people of the state, yet, Oshiomole practically imposed him on the entire cabinet.

As if that wasn’t enough, the comrade-governor proceeded to do the unthinkable, by adorning his head with the crown to succeed him as the governor. If only nature had whispered to his hearing that he was unwittingly planting a lion who would do no other thing but to devour him, maybe Nigerians wouldn’t have witnessed the tenure of Obaseki as governor.

If Oshiomole had an inkling and deep insight that he was showing favor and compassion to an undeserving successor, who harbors in his mind only one agenda-to destroy and extinct him completely from the political space, maybe the Nigerians & Edo people wouldn’t have experienced Obaseki as governor and therefore see who he is.

But nature has a way of writing and executes its script. Edo people now know who the governor is. They are now conscious of the fact that, if they don’t truncate his re-election bid, they’re the next he will turn his fangs unto, after attempting several times to humiliate Adams Oshiomole.

With successor like him, it’s sheer time-wasting looking at other directions for enemies. Obaseki has not kept covenant with the people of the state, as well as with the party. The significant proportion of his tenure has been deployed to fight imaginary & perceived enemies.

He has harassed, hounded, as well as attempted for umpteenth time, to humiliate his political benefactor both in the state and at the national stage.

He has entered into boxing ring with political class in the state, denying them what ordinarily are their dues. He bluntly refused to inaugurate 14 members of house of assembly, despite the intervention of party leaders, national assembly leadership & other well-meaning Nigerians. He has practically abandoned governance.

The infrastructures of the state in all facets are in deplorable & devastating state. Medical facilities, Educational infrastructures, road networks and of course, security architecture, have all suffered neglect in the hands of the governor.

In fact, the security situation of the state is as worsening as what’s obtainable in the North East zone of the country, where Boko Haram & bandits are terrorizing & maiming Nigerians on daily basis. The governor is aware that comes Sept 15, the game is up for him. He’s also conscious of the fact that, he’s has not come to equity with clean hands. It’s instructive to note that his governors’ colleagues in his newfound home have abandoned him in the lurch.

Even Governor Wike who appears to be a lone ranger in canvassing support for him, is gradually drawing back and beginning to unduly accusing INEC of the commission desire to rig the election for APC, as he’s now aware that they will lose.   Godwin Obaseki has disrespected all APC leaders, including President Buhari, Asiwaju Tinubu, Pa Bisi Akande, as well as leadership of NASS. He’s brought everyone that matters in the party on collision course before they now realize the character he’s made of.

As I round of this piece, I passionately appeal to good people of Edo state, that the state by her historical antecedent, is too important to be further entrusted in the hands of Obaseki to superintend over.

Events of the last two years has revealed that, he lacks leadership capacity, emotional intelligence and character to manage the state that has produced the likes of late Chief Anthony Enahoro, Professor Ambrose Alli, illustrious Samuel Ogbemudia and many others.

As the people of the state decide on Sept 15, it will be fool hardy to return the governor to power on account of his misdemeanor and also, the major reason of the need for the state to be part of major player in the national politics.

Finally, let me also use this medium to submit to Chief Dan Orbih, PDP national vice chairman, south/south zone that, his recent attacks & vituperation on the person of APC national leader, Asiwaju Tinubu was most unwarranted, unfortunate, disrespectful and borne out of shallow and myopic mind absolutely not in tune with the reality of political development in Edo state.

He’s obviously not conscious of the deliberate resolve of the governor to dismantle democratic institution and structure in the state, by his refusal to inaugurate the 14 members of the assembly and the removal of the roof of house of assembly complex, a calculated attempt aimed at preventing the house from conducting their plenary sessions.

I need to re-emphasize to him & his ilk that, Asiwaju Tinubu remains the rallying point, as well as symbol of joy, hope and unity for the Yoruba and any attack on him is viewed as a direct assault on the proud and illustrious race.

This is therefore the last time we would be tolerating such from people like him. He should be assured that such attack from him in future will necessitate response that will make him ever regret the day he ventures into politics.

It’s also important to confirm to him that Asiwaju Tinubu has since transformed from being godfather of Lagos politics to godfather of national politics. The facts are there for Orbih to see. The APC national leader influence transcends the presidency, national assembly, state houses of assembly, Local Government Councils across the country. If he’s however oblivious ofthis development, then PDP must relieve him of his post as Vice Chairman, South/south of the party.

























































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