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OPINION: How Did Wike Get Here? By Kola Amzat


Even though Nyesom Wike was a key figure in Rotimi Amaechi’s eight years administration in Rivers state; having emerged at different times as Chairman of Obio/Akpor LG council the most prosperous LG in the state, Chief of Staff to the Governor and later, Secretary to the Government, he was then, noted for this misdemeanour, uncivilized, as well as irrational behaviour that has suddenly become his trademark.

In fact, he came to the national prominence on the strength of the commendable achievements in several offices he occupied, as well as his responsible behaviour when he was appointed on the recommendation of Amaechi, as Minister of State for Education by the then president, Goodluck Jonathan.

It is instructive to note that, the Almajiri educational initiatives, as well as ICT projects for federal secondary schools, and host of others educational programs across the country got started while he was in the ministry of education.

These achievements, coupled with his huge contributions and loyalty to the party earned him the governorship seat he’s presently occupying. But, since he assumed the office, Wike has donned a new garment. He has suddenly become an embodiment of despotism, crudity, and non-civility.

I particularly sympathize with the good people of Rivers State, who he constantly subject to fear & intimidation. He demeans and embarrasses them with so much contempt, at the slightest provocation. To submit that, he has a perfected act of psychologically taking away their self-esteem and confidence is an understatement.

My fellow Nigerians in Rivers state would be under an illusion to think they’re under a democratic government.

Shortly before the commencement of this 2020, Wike assembled the crème of Rivers Traditional Rulers in a palatial hall in the government house for interaction that supposed to be cordial, ceremonial and perhaps, geared at moving the state forward in the New year.

Suddenly, Wike upturned the agenda of the interaction and started tongue-lashing the traditional rulers, pouring caustic and inventive words on them. It’s doubtful if, they had the guts and effrontery to taste the wine & assorted delicacies prepared for the event before they all scampered in different directions for safety.

During this Covid-19 pandemic, he had severally hidden under the cloak of federalism to commit acts that are reprehensible, as well as unbecoming of a public officer in his category. He had severally attacked President Buhari and all the distinguished & eminent Nigerians who constitute PTF.

He embarrassed & attacked them, alleging them for sanctioning an Aircraft carrying 21 Exxon Mobil staff to Portharcourt, with aim of infecting his state, with Covid-19 virus, as if he’s oblivious of Exclusive List provisions in the constitution that gives exclusive authority to control the nation Air Space to Federal government.

In fact, he detained the Aircraft, the crew and the transported Exxon Mobil staff for several days, and not until the oil workers threatened to strike in all explorations activities in the state that, he swallowed his pride to release the workers.

Not quite long after, he personally supervised the demolition of two sprawling hotels in Portharcourt, alleging that the owners opened for business activities when government-directed otherwise, a barbaric act that attracted the condemnation of Nigerians in all walks of life, accusing him of executive rascality & insensitivity particularly, in this difficult times when everybody is groaning under harsh economic conditions.

It’s instructive to note that, in other states, where the similar infraction occurred, his governors’ colleagues adopted a more humane and civilized approach by parading the offenders at mobile courts, rather than destroyed what might have taken them life fortunes to build.

Shortly before the expiration of Seriake Dickson tenure in Bayelsa state, a border imbroglio ensured between Bayelsa& Rivers states. This necessitated the Federal Land Adjustment Commission, the relevant federal agency to carry out their findings, and eventually ceded part of occupied land to Bayelsa.

Nigerians were of the view that, the two states, been presently under PDP and more so, with the intervention of the federal authority, would close the chapter and move on. Wike had a different agenda; For two months thereafter, he practically entered into the boxing ring with Dickson, rolling out, on a daily basis, gutter & garage languages, absolutely undeserving & unbecoming the exalted office of the governor he’s occupying.

Wike had at different times in the past, made spirited attempts at ridiculing the office of the President, Commander-In-Chief of the Armed Forces, with so much irresponsible & undemocratic pronouncement, a move that eloquently suggested that, he has no modicum of respect for that exalted office that symbolizes the power & authority of Nigerian nation. Even PDP, a party nurtured by eminent & best political gladiators Nigeria has ever produced in the persons of Chief Obasanjo, Chief Solomon Lar, Senator ChubaOkadigbo, Gen Ibrahim Babangida, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar etc is tragically in the pocket of Wike, controlling its chairman anyhow, as well as dictating the directions the party goes at any point in time. Uche Secondus, the figurehead chairman, practically sleeps and wakes up in Wike office in Portharcourt.

For the avoidance of doubt, the centrepiece of this piece, was the interaction he had very early today, Sept 25, 2020, with three carefully chosen journalists at his office in Portharcourt where he continues his upbraiding and lambasting of President Buhari, alleging him of making calculated & deliberate plans to rig Ondo elections, as face-saving for APC losing Edo state. He made so many uncivilized remarks at the president, not worthy of revelations in this medium.

The pertinent question to be asked is: How do the political class allow Governor Wike to assume this uncontrollable dimension? And, why President Buhari has continually watched him misbehave and render himself absolutely untameable? Is high time we arrest this decadence in our political experiment by calling Wike to order. He’s is just presiding a federating unit of the 36 federating units in Nigeria.

Your Excellency, President Buhari, before his action becomes infectious, the auspicious time to tame Wike and put him where rightly belongs is now. If there is any moment President Buhari will display to Nigerians the qualities of General in him, the time is now!.

























































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