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OPINION: In Defence Of Governor Sanwo-Olu, By Kola AMZAT


Of all leaders in the Nigeria political space today, very few rival the sincerity, forthrightness, fairmindedness and empathy nature of Governor Babatunde Sanwo-olu of Lagos state.

Even from his public conduct, presentations and countenance, one could make a logical judgment of who he is. His democratic and sympathetic nature has never been a subject of doubt.

This was eloquently displayed by his prompt response to Opebi helicopter crash, as well as Oke Awo, AmuwoOdofin area, large scale inferno.

Given him opportunity, Lagos would be another haven of orderliness, tranquility and normalcy where everyone, regardless of creed, religion, age and party affiliations thrive, and flourish in whatever he/she does. Affording him space, Lagos would be another land where fairness, equity and justice, in its truest sense would prevail.

Governor Sanwo-olu would disclose everything that transpires in government, if allowed. For him, there is nothing to hide. Indeed, his countenance suggests that, he sees governor’s office as yet another opportunity to serve, as well as making life more abundant & meaningful for the generality of the people and nothing more.

He demonstrated this much, in the un-ending covid-19 pandemic, when without minding subjecting his life and his entire cabinet members on the line, marshalled & mobilized the team, as well as the resources of the state to confront head-on, the dreaded scourge, an unprecedented and proactive move, that didn’t only attract the attention of federal authority, but also spurred the president to immediately constitute Presidential Task Force to address the scourge nationally.

Sanwo-olu engaged in this life-saving measure to save the people of Lagos state. He could as well resolve to look at other directions, as most of his colleagues,nationwide did.

The same governor recently rolled out policies to abolish Land Use Act across board, astrategic initiative geared at making life generally meaningful for the generality of the citizens of the state. Very unusual in governance in this country, the governor has been making spirited efforts to complete all the gigantic projects he inherited, particularly from immediate past administration; this is coupled with the new projects he’s unearthing from time to time.

Even before the #EndSARS agitation, he has established Youth Empowerment Scheme, as well as enabled the Agency with initial take-off grant of N1billion. His developmental foray is across the state; the three senatorial districts, as well as all the federal constituencies. As much as possible, he has maintained cordial & harmonious relationship with the legislative arm of government, and even, with his deputy governor.

This governor has the tendency to attend to all challenges in the state, as soon as he’s alerted and if his attention is needed.

How come the citizens of the state now want to put him to sword on account of what transpired at Lekki toll gate during the #EndSARS agitations?

How come the people of the state are pandering to oppositions resolve, to call the governor a bad name in order to hang him, on account of this better-forgotten episode?  For the avoidance of doubt, all stakeholders in this carnage were culpable.

Complicit are genuine #EndSARS agitators who bluntly refused to respect the governor and his deputy,who passionately appealed to them to draw the curtains on the agitations, after the duo had addressed them on different occasions, both at Alausa Government House, as well as Lekki toll gate, and thus allowed the hoodlums & miscreants to hijack the agitations and in the process wreaked havoc in form of total annihilation and looting of public & private institutions worth trillions of Naira.

The Army troop who came to the centre and started shooting, even though they were invited to restore normalcy & orderliness were also culpable.

Little blame would be apportioned to the governor who sensed that, the state was becoming ungovernable for him, even after rushing to Lagos from Ondo state where he had party assignment as Chairman, Akeredolu campaign committee, purposely to address the agitators only to discover that, they’ve made up their minds to deploy the platform to cause chaos & anarchy in the state. The only area the governor could be adjudged to have erred was his inability to reach out to the Army troop that, the curfew which was originally scheduled to begin by 4pm had been shifted to 9pm.

That breakdown in communication necessitated the mayhem. For crying aloud, the governor is human for God sake. With many assignments to attend to, as number one citizen of the state, this could happen to anybody.

Therefore to move forward and to draw curtains on this ugly incident, which nobody had power to prevent occurrence, we must collectively agree that mistakes have been made and all stakeholders were one way or the other complicit.

Continually singling out only the governor for blame is absolutely unacceptable, preposterous, wicked and unappreciative of many wonderful jobs the governor has done and still doing to make the state comfortable for all & sundry.

It’s important for true Lagosians to rise up in unison and remain steadfast & resolute in supporting the governor and his team so that they could deliver on their mandates, as well as delivering the dividends of democracy to the generality of the people of the state.

Lagosians must also resist the spirited attempts of the opposition groups, to use them as tools to settle scores that they couldn’t settle at polls with the government, as well as also using them as medium & channels of fabricating & disseminating propaganda and falsehood against the governor and his government, all wicked acts aimed at railroad the programs & policies of the government.

It’s instructive for the citizens of the state to acknowledge that, members of the opposition have tons of grouse, anger and frustration against APC and the governor. Since the return of democratic order in 1999, oppositions have labored in vain to win elections in the state.

They are indeed disgusted that, they don’t have access to the Treasury of the state so that they could subject it to looting, just like they did at national level when they were in charge for about 16 years. They’ve therefore resolved to deploy any emerging incident whatsoever as a platform to cause unrest, anarchy and mayhem in the estate.

It’s not that other stakeholder in the state including, we, financial & management consultants, with many unapproved business proposals to the state governor and even ministries & agencies of government don’t have grouse and issues to iron out with the government, but, it’s not by sponsoring propaganda,falsehood and destructive tendencies against the government and its apparatus.

We must all resolve to pray for the government policies & programs to succeed for the betterment of all, as well as prosperity, growth & development of the state.



Lagos based Financial & Management Consultants,





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