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Opinion: Issues of the Nigerian Government by Fafowora Omosalewa


Let’s be honest with ourselves, Nigeria being the most populated country in Africa performs unarguably terrible in her security sector. Up till now, the government still adopts countless measures to ensure security which proves ineffective.

Just recently,  I and the family were on our way to Asaba, Delta state,  and upon on journey,  we were stopped at numerous checkpoints that deemed highly unnecessary. Up to a point, I was forced to cease count because I had lost track. What really bothered me was the distance between these checkpoints.

They were in very close proximity so whenever we left one we were sure that in 2 minutes we would be stopped by another.

Unsurprisingly enough, none of the officers on patrol executed any of their assigned duties other than cunningly asking for money after identifying the occupation of the vehicle’s owner. At the end of the day, we weren’t checked properly whenever we got stopped.

Although the government can be commended for the effort rendered into making sure of adequate security when travelling (even though it is a little excessive).

However,  there are effective and effective methods that don’t require much human inputs.

For instance,  on the popular roads, one two or three security checkpoints could be constructed with reliable, competent and if I may add,  effectively working human and technical resources to properly check any traveller by foot or vehicle.

I also noticed that all officers were unable to be identified except one whose name tags were unprofessionally sewn to his shirt. Identification badges could be given to guards to help travellers overcome mistrust.

Every day, citizens are oppressed and disturbed by the one factor that should ensure protection but hopefully with gradual progress of the government practices, this would be an issue no more.

Fafowora Omosalewa,  Babcock University


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