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OPINION: Leave Ojodu With His Conviction; Victory Is Assured Without Him, By Kola Amzat


“I remember today, a time when we were owing our journalists three (3) months salaries. Daily, I got to the office to receive one resignation letter or the other. It was Asiwaju Tinubu who came to the rescue.

“He called a friend of his, back home with an instruction to sell a property of his and give us money, not only to pay the salary arrears, But also to keep the Publications going”. That’s the personal confession of Senator Babafemi Ojudu, the Senior Special Adviser on political matters, in the office of the Vice President.

In recent times, he’s been in the eyes of the storm for making a vow that he’s not on the side of Asiwaju Tinubu on his presidency bid.

He also submitted that he’s been inundated with calls and threats by people across the land on account of this. He however didn’t mention any name.

My candid view: Why are we dissipating energy on attracting Ojudu support? What mileage would his support bring unto this project? What’s the political relevance of Ojudueven in his Ekiti home and of course, at the national level?

What’s the quantum of his electoral value? Senator Ojudu is an astute and renowned Journalist, no doubt. But, it doesn’t go beyond that. Even, in his hey and glorious days while he was at the thick of the profession, he’s never an opinion molder, politically.

Ojudu senatorial bid then was ever his first time in any electoral contest and he rode on the ACN popularity to triumph. In-fact, he was heavily supported by the likes of Governor Kayode Fayemi and others, as well as Asiwaju Tinubu to scale through.

Authoritatively, I can confirm that he may not win even, a Chairmanship of Local government council election in the state. That’s why over the years, he’s been avoiding any contest for an elective post in the state.

Even during his stint at the Upper Chamber, Ojudu got lost in the crowd as he was completely overwhelmed. For the avoidance of doubt, he needs to confirm to Nigerians how many bills he sponsored and how many of them became law. He’s one of those senators who are just bench-warmers during his tenure at the national assembly.

Presently at the national level, Ojudu is a political greenhorn. Despite his educational background, he’s not in the category of Special Advisers who enjoy visibility on account of their contemporary ideas, unique political skills, understanding of dynamics of the polity, as well as initiating policy geared at charting a new direction for the country for their bosses to implement.

So, what’s all this fuss about? As far as I’m concerned, it’s absolutely unnecessary. Even, if Senator Ojudu reverses himself, his supports for the project would be infinitesimal.

According to him, he’s already has conviction on who to support. I encourage all the genuine faithful of this project across the nation to leave him with his conviction. If that’s what nature desires for one’s benefactor, let him and nature interact on that.

Fortunately, the product on our hands is the one attracting supports of Nigerians by the day. From the East to the North to the South and West, its groundswell of supports. Feelers from national assembly suggests of their overwhelming supports for the Iconic politician.

Monarchs across the nation are clamoring for his ascendance to power & authority. Members of political class can’t wait for him to receive the banner of APC as candidate, as well as emergence as the next president. The women, as well as market groups across the land are leading the battle for Tinubu presidency bid.

The student groups are not left behind. And of course, members of the corporate Nigerian are identifying with the project. The professional groups are the front runners, as well as downtrodden.

The aforementioned stakeholders have conviction that Tinubu would do very well as Nigerian president. They’ve strong expectation that he’s has the capacity to re-ignite, recreate and re-invent the already lost unity and harmony amongst the diverse ethnic groups in the land. They have the belief he would significantly turn around our economy.

They have expectations that there would be a new dimension in infrastructural and educational developments, as well as new level in ICT when Tinubu ascends the throne. President Buhari has made spirited efforts to diversify our economy through diverse frontiers-Agriculture, Solid Mineral and Revenue from government Agencies etc.

Nigerians belief Tinubu would move it to the new level. If he ascends, Niger Delta Region are in for real eruption in developments in all facets.  Tinubu would find solution to the challenges of idleness amongst the millions of Nigerian youths.

He’s trusted and tested. He’s cerebral. He understands the country in and out. He is at home with all groups in the country. He’s a manager of men & resources. He’s detribalized. He has helicopter views on issues. He has aura of success, as well as Midas touch.

Tinubu is visionary, focus, and result-oriented. He’s an amazing and awesome candidate, worthy of being marketed. So, why are we wasting valuable time on Senator BabafemiOjudu? It doesn’t worth the trouble at all.



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