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OPINION: Miyetti Allah’s Pronouncement Of Support For Asiwaju Tinubu’s Presidency Bid, By Kola Amzat


The coast is becoming clearer. This is one the key groups in the polity of the country. Their submission to support the aspiration of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu is unequivocal and far-reaching.

Today, Jan 23, 2022, I also stumbled on the social media  submission of audacious former president, Atiku Abubakar that, if PDP denies him presidential ticket, his next option is to roll out his political machinery behind Asiwaju Tinubu’s presidency bid.

This pronouncement would continually remain a watershed in the bid of the ex-Lagos State governor to become Nigeria’s president come 2023. Atiku confirmed that, in his assessment, Tinubu remains the best and leading contender amongst all candidates and parties roll into one.

From the helter &skelter movement of PDP governors, it’s apparent they’ve concluded their plans to deny Atiku the ticket to be the flag bearer of the party and those governors would never buckle under whatever pressure, not even with Atiku’s pronouncement. It’s a POWER PLAY and they may likely want to DAMN THE CONSEQUENCE. Indeed, those PDP governors have readily identified one of their own to be their candidate.

So, technically, Tinubu and Atiku may likely work together and who would match them? Strategy for strategy, reach for reach, resources for resources and foot-soldiers for-soldiers. The Bible pronounced it: There are times and seasons for everything and everyone, Sincerely, Asiwaju Tinubu’s season and time seems to be on our hands and like I’ve submitted severally, there is absolutely nothing anybody can do about it.

For about 4-5 years running, I’ve been very consistent on the project of AsiwajuTinubu taking over from President Buhari after the latter’s tenure. Despite several attacks on the social media, I’ve never waiver. I’ve never been pertubed. I’ve never buckled.

Indeed, for years, I’ve been remarkably resolute because, I’ve total confidence and trust in this Iconic and gifted politician that he would turn this country around. He has the wherewithal. He has the strong will. He has the mental alertness. He has the reach.

Let’s collaborate to give him chance. Let’s keep our finger crossed as other fundamental endorsements roll in like torrents.

Hon. Kola AMZAT (FCA, FCIB, ACS, CTP), CEO, WKA Consulting Ltd




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