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OPINION: Now That Tinubu Birthday Anniversary Ceremony Is Over, By Kola AMZAT


With his gargantuan achievements in all fronts at 69, one would have been pleasantly surprised if Asiwaju Tinubu birthday anniversary ceremony didn’t assume such enormous dimension that Nigerians witnessed. Encomiums poured in like torrents of rain from across the length and breadth of the country.

Even, the prominent members of opposition parties refused to take back seats in the frenzy, as they found reasons why they have to felicitate and rejoice with one of the very few Nigerians who has been widely acknowledged as a symbol of democratic cultures & values, and who in furtherance of this ideal, stood against and fought the military government to stand still, by deploying every resources within his disposal both financial and moral, as well as tactical ingenuity and strategy.

The event was technically kicked off with the visit of AsiwajuTinubuhimself to Katsina state penultimate Tuesday to condole with the family of fellow Nigerians who lost fortunes and loved ones in a large-scale inferno that engulfed some parts of the state. Tinubu and his entourage were accorded a rousing & tumultuous reception by cream-de-la-cream of Katsina state, including the first-class Emirs, political class, leaders of thoughts as well as the downtrodden.

The love & affection that pervaded the atmosphere there, indicated that the bond of togetherness and oneness between the north and the south is still very much alive and that we only need to guard it very jealously. This occasion was followed by that epoch event-Arewa Annual Lecture that had Asiwaju as the Chairman, with Governor Simon Lalong as guest speaker.  Of course, the northern Aristocrats, eminent personalities and members of political class trooped out in large numbers to register their presence at the event that over decades has stands as symbol of unity and togetherness amongst the people of the north. This year lecture was also symbolic and memorable, as it was perhaps the very first time the event was chaired by another eminent and very distinguished Nigerian but of the southern descent.

Culminating the week-long activities was the main event in the ancient city of Kano, the Asiwaju 12thColloquiumBirthday Anniversary Celebration, with the president himself, dignitaries, political stalwarts across the parties, top government officials, members of diplomatic corps in attendance.

Indeed, it’s a gathering of who is who in Nigeria. Remarkably, quite a number of government top functionaries-Senator Ahmed Lawan, Rt. Hon Speaker Femi Gbajabiamila, many senators and parliamentarians, as well as governors of state, who couldn’t physically register their presence in Kano converted Abuja’s Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airportto an extension of the venue of the program to hook up to the occasion through virtual infrastructure. What a glorious day it was for AsiwajuTinubu, who has devoted the last three decades of his life existence to ensure that democracy finds it’s bearing in our country!

Meanwhile, the center-piece of this write-up is not to dwell so much about the past event of the birthday celebration, but to channel a way forward particularly, on how the main reasons for God purpose in creating Nigerian would be fulfilled.

There is no doubt that, our country is presently bedeviled with myriads of problems that are largely inherited from the previous administrations.

There is pains of hunger and poverty in the land; it’s never been so bad. The impressive economic index periodically being rolled out by National Bureau of Statistics is obviously not reflective of the prevailing situation in the market, as prices of commodities have completely overwhelmed Nigerians’ paltry incomes.

State of unemployment is incredible,so much that the teeming youths are daily embracing criminality to survive. The middle class comprising of professionals has been technically wiped out. Doubters should visit Lagos and Abuja to confirm that hundreds of personal cars have been converted to tax and kabukabu, all in a bid to survive the economic crunch. Government officials in all tiers of government have remained largely unfaithful and uncommitted to building our nation, as corruption in large scale pervades every segment of their offices. Compounding the whole situation is high level of insecurity in the country. Suddenly, human being life in Nigeria is not better than that of dog, ram, goat and cow.

Kidnappers and ritualists snuff life out of people at will, for the purpose of making money and government is completely helpless about it, on account of their obvious incapacitation to take care of the populace. This is the pathetic and tragic situation the country presently found itself.  The president has achieved the best he could, in all fronts and it does appear Nigerians must accommodate him for the period his tenure would last.

It’s imperative that we all need to be preparing for a change of guard. It’s our country and we need to do everything humanly possible to ensure that a committed, resourceful, experience, passionate, people & development-centric, trusted & tested and acknowledged bridge builder takes over from the incumbent president.Asiwaju Tinubu offers a ray hope.

He seems to be the only one amongst the few who are jostling for presidency comes 2023, with obvious capacity to confront head-on the present situation we’ve found ourselves. He has done it before while in charge of Lagos state for eight years and he continues to do it with tremendous success as party chieftain, as well as in his private life.

In 2017, while delivering lecture as a Principal Guest of Honour at the 2017 Annual Dinner of Kings College Old Boys Association (KCOBA), Asiwaju offered insight on what the nation may likely expect from his presidency. He submitted that there is need for Nigeria to institute National Industrial Policy that would foster development of strategic industries that create jobs, as well as spur further economic growth, focus on manufacturing products that Nigerians and the rest of the world value and want to pay for. According to him, there is also the need for the nation to institute tax credits; subsidies that insulate critical sectors from the negative impact of imports and lowering of interest to make credit accessible to all & sundry.

Additionally, he also emphasized that the country need to have an Industrial Plan that would once and for all, address the power problem with a view to obtaining vital ingredient to economic vitality.

Also, he posited that there is need to create an Agriculture Policy that would re-invigorate the sector with the re-introduction of commodity exchange boards and agriculture mortgage loan to help and uplift farmers.

In the same vein, he canvassed for instituting a new Educational Policy that would practically ensure that larger percentage of Nigerian university graduates come out as entrepreneurs and ready to hit the ground running.

Tinubu’s idea of federalism is a restructuring strategy that would engender harmony, unity, togetherness and spirit of love amongst Nigerians. He has submitted that the many items in the 68 Exclusive list should be moved to the concurrent list as it was in 1963 constitution. He identified these items as police, prisons, stamp duties, regulation of tourist traffic, registration of business names, incorporation of companies, trade & commerce, census.

It’s also instructive to submit that Asiwaju Tinubu era may likely herald new friends from international community genuinely ready to enter into a business partnership with Nigeria even when are disadvantaged. There is no doubt that our nation has enormous potentials that waiting to be explored; it’s only incumbent on us to offer the global community platform to tap into them for the mutual benefits of the two parties.

And also, with Tinubu unique talent of identifying talents, as well as placing them where they are relevant, there is no doubt that the country would be in good hands if he’s given opportunity to preside over the affairs of the country.

This writer therefore passionately appeal to all top government officials, members of political class, governors, ministers, federal and state lawmakers including traditional rulers, who participated in the one week birthday anniversary program, particularly the Colloquium ceremony in Kano, to let us all collaborate to channel the same efforts at making Tinubu presidency to reality comes 2023. It’s a task that must be done. At a critical period like this in our nation, that’s our best bet.
































































 Kola AMZAT (FCA, FCIB,  CTP, MBA)Lagos Based Financial Consultant



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