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OPINION: Obaseki’s Treachery Against FG; Oshiomole Is Vindicated, By Kola AMZAT


Leading a nation and its federating units is not just anybody’s beat. It goes beyond excellence in academics. It’s not a question of wealth and riches.

It absolutely has nothing to do with family background or heritage. Managing a country is for those who have unalloyed loyalty to the cause of the nation. It’s for those who have the capacity to keep sacred, those sensitive issues that could affect and tear apart the corporate existence of a country.

Management of a nation is for the broadminded, selfless, bridge builder, highly exposed, as well as people with helicopter views of issues. That’s why America and European countries consciously and deliberately ensure that their leaders pass through series of leadership test before they allow them to emerge.

In these highly respected climes, no one just emerges from the blue to aspire to be senator without having passed through other lower elective offices. In America, you can’t just aspire to lead a state without having been earlier subjected and passed the test in governor’s office.

And of course, except for immediate past president, Donald Trump who was indeed ridiculed out of office, no American in history has ever occupied white house without having been a governor or senator. That’s what ensure maturity in their political system. And that’s why their system has become so water-tight, as well as the pride of the entire globe.

The above tested and trusted leadership grooming and tutoring process appears not having a place in Nigeria.

In-fact, the amazing process is strange in our political experiment where every Tom, Dick and Harry aspires to be governor, senator, minister etc, without the required proven capacity and capability. The Institute of Policy & Strategic Studies in Jos that was purposely established to churn out contemporary leaders who could compete and rub shoulders with the best the globe could offer has been rendered ineffective and impotent as members of Nigerian political class are of the view that, they have no need for its existence.

This development coupled with other related factors contributes in no small measure to why Nigeria is churning out many awful leaders who are causing more damages and destruction to the country’s political system.

This is the process that has produced the likes of Governor Yahaya Bello, who has not commissioned a single project of note since he was inaugurated about six years ago, yet he has the temerity and effrontery to insult the sensibilities of Nigerians by aspiring to lead the entire nation.

What a travesty! It’s the same system that has trumped up Governor Bala Mohammed who has inflicted irreparable damages to the fabric and bond of unity, togetherness and oneness binding the many ethnic groups in this country, by his series of his acerbic and very destructive pronouncements on the very sensitive and delicate issue of Miyetti Allah members relationship with their host communities across the country. Of course, the same inefficient, very questionable and retrogressive leadership process that has produced Governor Obasekiwho has been causing stir and pandemonium in the economic and political spheres over the last couple of weeks, through his submission that the Federal Government through the CBN resorted to printing of #60 Billion to augment federal allocations to the three (3) tiers of government during the immediate past two months.With all intents and purposes, this pronouncement appears to be a calculated and deliberate ploy to inciting Nigerian public, as well as the international community against the federal government economic and political programs. The submission is also enough to attract condemnation, public opprobrium and backlash from citizenry.

It’s also tragic to submit that all attempts to make him retract the statement have met a brick wall, as he has reaffirmed to whoever cares to listen to him that, he stands by the submission. Even we people outside the government are aware that, it’s most atrocious, inappropriate and not befitting of a member of government to subject another arm of the same government to ridicule, more-so a governor of a state who is a top echelon member of the nation leadership.  Granted the printing was actually made, what happened to unfettered access that all governors have with the president to confidentially discuss such sensitive matter? Also, what happened to access he has with Nigerian Governors Forum (NGF)as a member, to interact on such delicate issue with the main objective of fashioning a way out as against situating the matter in the public domain?

Without any iota of doubt, Adams Oshiomole has been roundly vindicated. It’s crystal clear that all governors and other top hierarchy of APC who stayed glued on the side of Obaseki to spite former national chairman would have discovered that they thoroughly erred.

They are indirectly culpable in Obaseki’s attempt to humiliate and incite public against the government. It’s a big lesson they must learn because this was the same trait of treacherousness that Adams Oshiomole discovered and battled with for so long, before he resolved that Obaseki would not be allowed a second term in office, yet for APC governors’ selfish reasons, they funded and provided him logistics to win election, even on the platform of the opposition party. Of course, if his re-election had been frustrated, there wouldn’t have been platform for him to mount and start making very frivolous, unsubstantiated and destructive pronouncement that CBN printed #60 Billion on behalf of federal government to augment federal allocations to the three tiers of government.

Governor Obaseki’s case is a big lesson to learn for people at the corridor of power. It’s not everyone that nature packaged for leadership role, even though everyone want to be leader. Leadership in any segment, be it community, professional associations, clubs and state is a sacred thing exclusively reserved for people with distinguished, very rich, prosperous,loyal and matured minds and not for some of those leaders we have in Nigeria.






































































Kola AMZAT (FCA, FCIB,  CTP, MBA)Lagos Based Financial Consultant



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