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OPINION: Olaosebikan Strengthens Youths With “Ojo Ola Oyo” 

By Peter Osahon Oke

Depicting preparedness and readiness to serve, one of the leading aspirants for the gubernatorial ticket of the ruling party in Oyo State, the All Progressives Congress (APC), Alhaji Kehinde Olaosebikan hit the ground running last Saturday with a clear message and target specific theme for his campaign for the exalted governorship seat of the Pace Setter State. In a modest ceremony, Olaosebikan launched Ojo Ola Oyo, the tomorrow (future) of Oyo State in what is now seen as a movement and rallying point for the youth and parents.

Captivating and a complete departure from the usual over used themes such as Transformation Agenda, Rescue Mission and panegyrics like Gba Fun Lagbaja, Omoluabi, Kobomoje etc, Mr. Olaosebikan, a veteran journalist decides to make political theme convey messages of hope and appeal to all. This thoughtful and well articulated theme has got tongues wagging across the state owing to the simplicity yet message driven force it bears.

Not just asking the youths to get register and vote , Olaosebikan went beyond the ordinary of teaching the youth how to fish as we were used to, the selfless politician is  encouraging the youths to partake in the building of the nation and the control of all the resources therein including the human, rivers, mines , forest and everything. “ from 18 years and above” Olaosebikan says “ participate in the development and politics of your area…be involved!”

This is surely equipping the youths for the responsibility of today and strengthening them for the challenges of tomorrow as they prepare for real leadership positions in future. With this the general docility and little political consciousness among the young Nigerians would soon be a thing of the past. A politician, they say think of the next election while a good leader thinks of the next generation. Kehinde Isiaka Olaosebikan is truly  not just an excellent politician but a great leader.

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