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OPINION: Oyo APC; Auspicious Time To Halt Ibarapa Spring, By Kola AMZAT


About a decade ago, a self-driven young Tunisian completely drenched in petrol spirit, stormed a public arena at the center of the country’s capital Tunis, and set himself ablaze.

In a twinkle of eye, what remained of him was a carcass. His reasons: he was totally frustrated of his unemployed status, after years of graduation from university education, a development attributed to the gross mismanagement of the economy of the country by the political leadership.

Meanwhile, the teeming youths of the country seized the momentum of the young man tragic death to unleash mayhem & widespread violence in the country.

In a short while, the entire Tunisia was engulfed in what was regarded as spontaneous revolution, leading to the ouster of the country leadership.

Just very few days later, the mysterious revolution had spread to the entire North African countries of Libya, Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, Sudan etc. forcing their leaders to unceremoniously& ingloriously bowing out of office one after the other, a strange development the global community rightly tagged as Arab spring.

The PDP victory in Oyo state during the 2019 gubernatorial election was reminiscent of Arab spring. Rt. Hon Adeyemo, the former speaker of the state parliament from Ibarapa constituency suddenly dropped dead and it’s mandatory that he had to be replaced.

PDP in the state seized the opportunity of the bye-election to field the son of a very prominent deceased politician, Chief Ogundoyin to engage APC candidate, a semi-illiterate and who all in respects,was considered a political neophyte.

The bye-election also coincided with the period late Abiola Ajimobi was embroiled in series of controversies with stakeholders in the state; Ibadan chieftaincy quagmire, demolition of Ayefele Radio station, prolonged battle with the students of the state etc.

PDP capitalized on all these to completely sweep the bye-election polls. Quite unfortunate for APC, the bye-election was damn to close to 2019 general election.

PDP deployed their propaganda machinery, capitalized on the momentum of the victory in the bye-election, to record overwhelming victory during the gubernatorial election.

Indeed, the opposition had never had it so easy in the state, winning comfortably twenty-eight (28) Local Government Councils out of thirty-three (33). APC only managed to record very narrow victory in five LGCs of Ogbomoso zone.

But, the fact remains that PDP is never popular in the state. Ordinarily, the party was never the choice of the generality of the state. In any case, they didn’t have the capacity & strength ascribe to them to record that sweeping victory.

It’s just that, all APC stakeholders in the state collaborated & conspired to hand over governorship crown onto them on the platter of gold. For the records, before the election, Engr Seyi Makinde was the fourth candidate in the list of candidates expected to win.

Also, the PDP was a mangled & ravaged party before the election. Besides, Makinde political bloc was such in disarray that the center could no longer hold. But, the party capitalized on the series of disagreement that late Abiola Ajimobi had with the political class & other stakeholders to gate crash into power.

Instructively, the events of last few days which involved the teeming youths’ population of the state protesting against the government, carrying placards to APC secretariat office in the state was eloquent testimony that the populace are already tired of the PDP government.

Very recently, the political world was treated to an ugly spectacle, where the governor was accusing His Imperial Majesty, the legendary Alaafin of Oyo, Oba Lamidi Olayiwola Adeyemi III, of disrespecting the political authority.

This development obviously is a testament that the end is in sight for PDP administration in the state. And of course, the governor has been enmeshed in series of unnecessary disagreements & needless controversy(s) with President Buhari administration and his cabinet ministers.

In Nigeria where government at the center is constitutionally empowered with absolute authority, how could an antagonistic governor survives? And Makinde is not oblivious of this sweeping constitutional provisions, yet he always attempts to dare the FG despite the fact that he is aware of the implication of the possible wrath & fury of the president on the people of the state.

Now that it’s clear to the populace that the governor has no capacity & temperate to take us to the promise land, it’s an auspicious time for the people of the state to arise and move in one unison to reject the governor, the government and everything they represent.

Fortunately, God bless the state with very competent, resourceful, focused experienced and highly exposed APC leaders with capacity to dwarf the governor & his government, even with their power & authority, amongst who is Chief Niyi Akintola, a distinguished and renowned Legal Practitioner and Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN).

Akintola, a life member of Body of Benchers, has the necessary wherewithal to lead the APC flocks as shepherd from the quagmire we find ourselves. He’s been a progressive Lawyer for the better part of his practice, courageously leading team of senior lawyers to restore governorship stolen mandates from the likes of Adams Oshiomole, Rauf Aregbesola, Kayode Fayemi, and even late Abiola Ajimobi.

For decades, he’s been involved at the highest level in the politics of the state, even rising to the office of Deputy Speaker in the short-lived 1993 democratic experiment. His political & professional connections both & abroad are awesome, and the state could immensely benefit from this.

Akintola political bloc in the state is quite impressive with millions of die-hard supporters spread across the length & breadth of the state of Oyo, Ibadan, Ogbomoso, Oke-Ogun, as well as Ibarapa zones.

The task of regaining the state from PDP is a collective responsibility, that every member of APC must shoulder. I, therefore, call on the political class, leaders of thoughts, women, students & other stakeholders that, we’ll all do well, if we cast our loins on Niyi Akintola and support him to provide credible, resourceful & commanding leadership for the party in the state, as well as to chart a new direction for the party. That’s the only way to go.

























































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