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OPINION: President Buhari’s Coup against APC NWC, By Kola Amzat


Even though, it’s formally documented in the 1999 Constitution, as amended that, the sacred document was jointly agreed by the Nigerian people as the document that essentially binds them together and determines the basis of their existence in all facets, there is no shred of doubt that the constitution is a baby of the military class.

While packaging it, the military top brass perhaps, had at the back of their minds that, for a very long time to come, no other class of Nigeria would have the capacity and wherewithal to emerge as president except a member of their community, hence they reasoned that it’s logical they robe the occupier of the exalted office with absolute power & authority, so as to make him a symbol of the totality of Nigerian nation, as it’s obtainable in the military tradition.

The enormous power confers on the president makes him perhaps the most powerful president in the entire globe.

That’s the power & authority deployed in its naked form by President Buhari about two weeks ago when he indirectly ordered for the national executive committee (NEC) meeting of APC inside Aso Villa and at the meeting, he simply reeled out three decisions from the prepared agenda, two of which have continued to generate controversy till date.

The president dissolved the NWC and constituted a caretaker committee to work towards re-constituting new NWC members given six months deadline to achieve the project. He also ordered for the withdrawal of all cases in the court, as well as causing the NEC to ratify the gubernatorial primary election earlier conducted in Edo state which produced Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu as the candidate of the party for September governorship election in the state.

Even though, major stakeholders are painfully coming to terms with the presidential directive, nonetheless, it’s germane to put it succinctly on record that, what the president did was simply to ambush the NWC of the party and battled them to submission. I’m personally of the view that, Victor Giadom had no business in calling for NEC meeting as he was already a sacked member of NWC before the meeting.

I also feel strongly that the president action to dissolve the NWC was particularly not well thought out. Comrade Adams Oshiomole and his team should have been allowed to run their terms, especially with the recent lifting of his suspension by his Etsako ward in Edo state and thereafter, APC could move to deny them the opportunity for the renewal of their respective offices.

But, the deed has been done; it’s needless to start beating the dead horse. It’s time to move on.  However, one major revelation from the composition of the caretaker committee was that, the few APC governors, particularly Kayode Fayemi and Simon Lalong who are running up & down plotting against the APC national leader, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu might have discovered that they’ve thoroughly miscalculated.

For the records, Tinubu worked assiduously by deploying all resources he could muster for Ahmed Lawan & Femi Gbajabiamila to emerge NASS leadership about six years before Bukola Saraki & Yakubu Dogara emerged from nowhere to hijack the NASS leadership, a political plunder and misadventure that ensured that the cocky politician from Kwara state was barricaded from senate.

Undeterred & undaunted in his belief to institute orderliness& sanity in the NASS as the leader of the party, Tinubu pursued his vision with more vigor and clarity of purpose until he ensured the duo of Ahmed Lawan & Femi Gbajamiala assumed the leadership of the NASS in the current dispensation, a political strategy targeted at ensuring that there is less rancor between the president and members of the legislative arm of government.

It’s also on record the huge support enjoyed by Governor Bunu of Yobe state from Tinubu during his six years reign as Secretary General of APC before he became the governor of Yobe state. While Bunu has been constituted as the chairman of the new Caretaker committee to organize the congress that will bring in new NWC members, Ahmed Lawan is the political leader of that Yobe bloc. Anywhere the pendulum swings, Tinubu interest is always protected on account of his good deeds in the past.

It’s also important to remind Kayode Fayemi & his group that though President Buhari may be taciturn & uncompromising, he is obviously in study in observing pay-back philosophy & honoring convenant. The president would never forget how Tinubu mysteriously snatched victory for him from the jaw of defeat from Alhaji Atiku Abubakar during APC presidential primary election at Teslim Balogun stadium, preparatory to 2015 presidential election.

It would also continually resonates in the mind of the president how the same Tinubu mandated Alhaji Lai Mohammed to repackage him from the fundamentalist personality Nigerians generally believed he was, to a much more tolerant and flexible democrat acceptable to the democratic world, an assignment Lai Mohammed carried out with aplomb.

And of course, the president would continually relish their 2015 trip to London Chattel House with Asiwaju Tinubu and other APC hierarchy where he was comprehensively marketed to the international community as the best brand to lead Nigerian nation in 2015.

That historic & symbolic visit facilitated by Tinubu, turned out to be the game changer during that election! How could the president forget these good deeds? This is where Fayemi and Coy who continually preoccupy themselves at undoing the national leader instead of devoting & deploying their energy & resources at providing dividends of democracy for their people in their respective states are missing the point.

Professor Ibrahim Gambari served the president meritoriously as External Affairs Minister while he was Head of states between 1984 & 1985. That’s why he’s back as CoS. Femi Adeshina,as an Editor of one of the dailies then, always write positively about the president even before he became president.

This took very many years. Buhari didn’t waste time to name him Special Adviser on Media & Publicity immediately he became president. The late CoS to the president, Mallam Abba Kyari had many years of loyalty, friendliness and very intimate relationship with the president.

That’s was why it was absolutely difficult for anyone to severe their relationship until Kyari demise. And Nigerians are not surprised to learn that the president named one of his trusted Aides after Tunde Idiagbon, his trusted and very loyal second-in-command while he was Head of states in 1994 & 1985.

The above submission eloquently lends credence to the high premium President Buhari places on loyalty and genuine relationship.

So, does Tinubu deserves payback from the president, on account of ensuring that the president achieved his dream of becoming democratic president after 12 years of struggles? Does he also deserves Buhari’s maximum support & cooperation for his ambition after ensuring that the president government is stabilized, particularly in insulating the president from wicked devices of power mongers like Saraki & coy? And, which Nigerian has defended the president policies passionately, even when it’s difficult and dangerous to do so than Asiwaju Tinubu? Which Nigerian has shown undiluted loyalty and has kept fate with the president administration more than Tinubu?

This is why Fayemi & group must retrace their steps before it’s too late, for they will be hale & hearty when Tinubu rides triumphantly to Aso Villa to succeed the incumbent president.
























































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