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OPINION:  Revisiting CCT Verdict On Tinubu Asset Declaration; Exercise In Futility, By Kola Amzat


Ahead of 2023 general elections, the main opposition party-PDP is re-strategizing and re-grouping despite their obvious limitations.

They’ve been busy moving across the country in a bid to pacify and possibly reconcile their aggrieved members, back into the fold.

In their desperation, even they’re not discountenancing with the influence of ex-president, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo who some years ago literally torn into the shreds PDP membership card in annoyance in the full glare of the public.

They’ve also taken their reconciliatory sermon to ex-president, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan home in Abuja, particularly when they were alarmed that APC was making frantic efforts to woo him. Also, as inconsequential as other fringe parties may look, they are strategizing in their respective corners on where their bread would be buttered.

Curiously for the reasons only best known to them, APC members are busy making calculated and deliberate efforts to pull their own house down.

As we speak, there are serious in-fighting amongst major stakeholders of the party in many states, so much that in a matter of months, there could be a serious implosion in those states.

Interestingly, they seem unmoved and unfazed by the spirited efforts of the opposition parties’ strategic plans to send them packing from Aso Villa comes 2023 and even possibly triumph in some strategic states. They appear to have been intoxicated by allure of power just like PDP, who at the peak of their imperial rein boasted that they would rule for the next 60 years.

They couldn’t survive that year! APC are continually committing acts of illegalities. A couple of weeks ago, it was reported that the party moved to legitimatize Mai Bunu-led Transition Committee, and one wonders; which type of legitimacy were they conferring on illegality?

It’s really not clear if the party desire the committee to usurp the powers of yet to be constituted National Working Committee (NWC) to see them through the 2023 general elections, a move that would spell doom for the party, in view of expected tons of litigations.

More tragically, the APC governors also appear to have completely hijacked the leadership of the party from the president particularly with the way & manners they’ve been lording themselves over the Transition Committee and taking very critical decisions which obviously would not stand the test of time.

One of the indications of governors obvious hijacking the rein of the country governance was the rumor that enveloped the political space few weeks ago that EFCC under the leadership of the newly confirmed Chairman is planning to revisit the CCT judgment that cleared Asiwaju Bola Tinubu of any infraction in his Asset Declaration some few years ago, a move people of knowledge and discerning mind already considered as ‘Dead on Arrival’.  

Nigerians should be assured that this destructive and very desperate move was not unconnected with the leadership of Nigeria Governors’ Forum (NGF) whose arrowhead has been rumored to have interest in the nation presidency comes 2023 and definitely not the desire of the president who is more pre-occupied with battling to submission, the spate of insecurity that has enveloped the entire nation, as well as working vigorously to bequeathing enduring legacies of healthy economy, functional and strong infrastructures, as well credible electoral process onto the nation before his tenure expires in May 2023.

Of course, the president who is conscious of the heroic role of Bola Tinubu particularly in his ascendance to power & authority in 2015, as well as his second term victory even against odds, would not likely pander to evil designs and machinations of the agents of darkness and enemies of the party & the country to truncate the numerous gains and achievements his administration has recorded through the unalloyed loyalty and tacit support of trusted allies like Bola Tinubu.

In as much as we’re not purposed to single out any Nigerian as a sacred cow in the fight against corruption, nonetheless, there is need to ask a pertinent question: What would entice EFCC in already decided and closed case when hundreds of appeals are awaiting the Agency in the law courts, as well as tons of unconcluded investigations of high octane economic infractions in its stable?

Abdulahi Bawa, the newly appointed EFCC boss promises to the nation while he was been screened, is to ensure EFCC that would be technologically driven, partners with other anti-graft agencies across the globe, as well as ensuring efficient procedure and accountability, and not the Agency that would be deployed as tool for vendetta.

We, therefore, encourage the resourceful and dynamic young EFCC scar to concentrate on this mantra and completely stay clear of the few members of the political class who are desperate to drag him to the murky water of Nigerian politics, a move that has the potential to rail-road and mis-direct him from lofty mission he has sets for the Agency and even consumes him while he tries to settle down in office.

At 40, Bawa is taking charge in one of the nation’s most important institutions, which has implications for Nigerians of high class particularly members of the political class. Indeed, his office appears to be the 2nd most important and dreaded after that of the president.

He should therefore continually apply wisdom, tact and initiatives in conducting his personal and official matters.

To this extent, he needs to urgently device means on how to shut his door against those who have resolved to drag him into endless controversy capable of terminating his tenure unceremoniously. What’s the meaning of ‘Unexplainable Wealth’ that they’re banding around and proposing to him to unravel?

Some of the proponents of this strange parlance would rot in jail if only government mandate them to justify their own sources of wealth. In fact greater number of past & existing governors, senators and other public office holders would be consumed if government decides to open their Pandora boxes.

Asiwaju Bola Tinubu has paid his dues and there is nothing anybody can’t do about it. He has played dominant role in the growth and development of this precious country. He’s been a major player in the political and economic fronts of the nation over years. He is a tested and an accomplished administrator, having superintended the affairs of Lagos state for eight years, as well as bequeathed onto the state an incredible legacy of developments in all fronts.

He has played a nationalistic role as a distinguished senator at a critical time in our nation development and more importantly, having been one of the few founding fathers of a young political party that sent packing an incumbent president from office. He has contributed largely in the enthronement of some of the governors and federal lawmakers.

Of course, Bola Tinubu is an acknowledged bridge builder, with friends cutting across political, ethnic and religious divides. He has built an impressive and unassailable resume strong enough to enable him to assume the presidency after President Buhari comes 2023 and In Sha Allau, he looks unstoppable in this journey, even against all odds.

That’s why foes and over-ambitious young politicians in the political and few others, who don’t wish this country well are deploying all tactics and evil means to halt his ambition. The nation political space is big enough for any player to ply his political trade, test his might and popularity.

We, therefore, appeal to them to exercise patience till the time when all aspirants would be opportune to subject themselves to an endorsement of delegates, instead of engaging in a campaign of calumny and character assassination against Jagaban.


Kola AMZAT (FCA, FCIB,  CTP, MBA)                                      Lagos Based Financial Consultant


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