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Osun Deputy Gov. Benedict Alabi: 2nd Year Anniversary of Oyetola: Inclusive Governance, Transformation Beyond Calumny


In the course of verifying the very essence of governance and popular administration, I found the thoughts of two great thinkers highly outstanding and impactful.

While Jeremy Bentham, the late British jurist and social reformer asserted that,” The greatest happiness of the greatest number is the foundation of morals and legislation”, the 3rd American President, Thomas Jefferson, reasoned in the same direction by concluding this way: The care of human life and happiness, and not their destruction, is the first and only object of good government”.

Critically speaking, the above thoughts speak to only one phenomenon of happiness, as the core of progressive and inclusive governance. I personally coined it “The Calculus of Leadership”. Going forward, the product of my conversation with the Executive Governor of the State of Osun, Mr. Adegboyega Oyetola, at the inception of our administration in 2018, deeply instilled a new political culture in me, with a clearcut direction of our journey.

Speaking softly with the eloquence of determination, the governor said to me: “let’s work together to move Osun to greater height”. Without mincing words, that formed the foundation of our administration’s philosophy, the selfless service of transforming every facet of our societal structure, irrespective of social status and political affiliations.

Instructively, the speedy response of this administration to the array of aspirations of our people and fundamental areas of interventions for quick recovery gave credence to the determination of moving the state to a greater height as the governor earlier postulated.

Our prompt response to the need for review in our education sector for the purpose of resetting the psyches of our pupils and entrench qualitative education ‘is a source of happiness to our people’.

Our genuine revitalization of the health sector, with resultant proactiveness in the management of the ravaging coronavirus pandemic with minimal fatality ‘ is a source of happiness to our people ‘.

Our consistent and significant infrastructural development, especially in the area of road construction and other social facilities ‘ is a source of happiness to our people ‘.

Our unprecedented support to the youths, who are small and medium entrepreneurs, through provision of soft loans and creation of conducive environment for ease of doing business’, is a source of happiness to our people’.

Our accelerated move to diversify the hitherto monoculture economy of Osun,  and make it more functional and intrinsically buoyant through economic model of comparative cost advantage in three major sectors of critical consideration, namely : Agriculture, Tourism and Mining(ATM),  which will metaphorically transform Osun economy to  Automated Teller Machine’, is a source of happiness to our people’.

Our consciousness and vigilance in the quest of safeguarding the lives and property of our teeming citizenry by strengthening the state’s security architecture through multidimensional strategy ‘, is a source of happiness to our people’.

Our calmness,  civil and democratic approach to every political adversity and provocation ‘, is a source of happiness to our people’.

Obviously, by the principle of logic, Governor Adegboyega Oyetola-led administration is a source of happiness to the people in the State of Osun.

May our happiness in the State of Osun never wane nor stop, as we celebrate the second year of inclusive governance and enviable transformation.

Happy Anniversary Osun!

By Benedict Olugboyega Alabi, Deputy Governor, State of Osun.



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