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OPINION: South/East And South/South; Auspicious Time To Join Tinubu Presidency Train, By Kola Amzat


It’s almost becoming a reality that the rein of power and authority of our dear nation, Nigeria would move to the southern part of the country comes 2023.

Thanks to the patriotic zeal and display of statesmanship by our northern brothers, especially the political class. They’ve realized that, to protect and safeguard the now fragile unity, togetherness and oneness of this country, that’s the safer and best thing to do. Provident will reward them accordingly for this unique display of maturity.

With the expected northern concession, the keen observers of the nation political space would not be groping in darkness, with respect to the particular segment in the south where the pendulum would spring.

The South/South are constitutionally and technically out of it. Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, an ex-president of that geo-political stock just handed over power to the incumbent president. That region would therefore have to wait till the time when other segments of the south would have had their turns.

The South/East that ordinarily should be in good stead to lay claim to the crown comes 2023 have not justified why Nigerians across the length and breadth of the country, as well as in Diaspora, should repose confidence and place reliance on them to be in charge of this prodigiously endowed geographical entity called Nigeria.

For the purpose of emphasis, the people of the south east have not displayed the needed commitment and loyalty to ensuring the oneness, togetherness and indivisible status of this country.

As I write, there is vociferous voices in support of Biafran Republic in the nooks & crannies of the zone, as well as from other unpatriotic elements of Ndigbo descent in Diaspora.

No political class in any country would open their eyes and hand over their fates to those elements with sole Agenda to fragment, disintegrate and balkanize their country into units.

It’s therefore incumbent on our Ndigbo brothers to put their house in order, by checking those unnecessary and destructive agitations that would always subject Igbo to suspicion of succession by other zones in Nigeria.

It’s after this unfortunate exercise would have been carried out that, they could aspire to lead the country. After all, Nigeria belongs to all of us, as we all have inalienable and unfettered rights to aspire to lead her, but things must be done in orderly and responsible way, and essentially with decorum and decency.

The centerpiece of this write-up is therefore to implore and encourage the good people of Niger Delta and our southeast brothers on the need to present a formidable and indivisible southern front to the Northern Aristocrats and political class that has graciously conceded the 2023 presidency to us, by rallying and mobilizing support for Asiwaju Bola Tinubu who is indisputably the candidate of the south west.

And the appropriate time to do this is now. Why must it be now? This is the time the soup has already been placed on fire.

This is the time that various groups-political, sociocultural, women, youths groups across the nation have chosen to endorse the candidacy of APC national leader.

This is also the time governors, even within the opposition parties have clandestinely elected to identify with Tinubu presidency bid. This is the time that the endorsement is gathering momentum.

This is therefore the right time political class and leaders of thoughts in the South/south, as well as South/east should come out to openly identify with the project. If they chose any other time, the train would have moved and endorsement would have become meaningless and inconsequential.

Endorsing Bola Tinubu now for 2023 presidency would also firmly place them on the driver seat, as they automatically become a major stakeholder in the project.

As major stakeholders, they would be in good stead to co-direct the direction of the project.

The stakeholders’ status would equally afford them an opportunity to sit down one on one with Tinubu to negotiate what exactly they want in his government.

They could boldly enter into an agreement with him, with respect to what they desire in his Federal Executive Committee, The composition of National Assembly Leadership,their involvement in MDAs, projects they would like Tinubu to execute in the regions, and of course, restructuring of the country.

More importantly, they could also agree with him now on the imperative of his maximum support and cooperation for their presidency bid after his tenure might have expires.

Politics is a game of tact and diplomacy. The most strategic player gets the larger cake. We expect the two regions particularly the south east to be more profound in this respect.

If they refuse to do this and at appropriate time, the probability is high they could lose out as it’s been the case in the last couple of years.

Even though, there should be fairness, equity and justice in the land, we must also appreciate that each region has different political strength and absolutely nothing we could about this. That’s what nature has foisted on us.

It’s therefore incumbent on us all to be conscious of this and engage in the ventures that would continually ensure our relevance in the affairs of corporate Nigeria.




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