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OPINION: The Flipside Of Sowore’s Revolution Declaration By Wasiu Amzat


Before his adventure into on-line news publication, the notable antecedent associated with Omoyele Sowore was that of a young Unilag undergraduate with an enormous passion for violence and defiance to constituted authority. However, profound credit must be given to the then senate of the university that managed him out of the Institution.

Without any background and professional training in journalism, it was however strange and astonishing to many Nigerians when after a couple of years, he suddenly re-appeared as Publisher of Sahara Reporters, an on-line news publication, a stable that has remained till date in news reporting, as controversial as the owner. The publication has remained an embodiment of totality of what Sowore represents.

The publication has been mostly deployed as an instrument of propaganda and falsehood against government at all levels, their officials and business personalities in Nigeria. Cases in point in this regards were the $I6 billion Malabu Oil scandal, Bukola Saraki’s senate presidency and Kwara governorship tenures, as well as so many other high-profile and celebrated cases, some of which are subject of litigations today.

The climax of Sowore adventure into public consciousness was when he was listed as AAA political party’s presidential candidate during the last general election. With his sojourning into the nation political scape, it was crystal clear that he had plunged himself into a big ocean that is very difficult for him to navigate.

Except in his campaign locations where he had opportunity to roll out his manifestoes and programs, he was continually been monitored for the period the campaign endured by the crack security team deployed around him & his adherents by government.

The crisis of trust & confidence between him and the government climaxed when his name and his party conspicuously got omitted in the list of presidential candidates scheduled for presidential debates. Despite so much noise, grandstanding and propaganda that heralded his foray into political space, Sowore could only garnered about 40,000 votes across the nation, a performance that couldn’t even guarantee him a slot of chairmanship of LG Council. With the heavy electoral misfortunes that attended his political participation, Sowore probably thought that; returning to the trenches would be a better option.

Not quite long after the general election, he was abroad for a scheduled meeting with Nnamdi Kanu, a leader of IPOB, where the duo reportedly agreed on how to carry out revolution to violently oust the present government. Sowore came back to Nigeria and thereafter declared revolution on Nigeria nation.

The account of his declaration succinctly exposed him as a personality bereft of ideas, naïve, tactless, exuberance, narrow-minded, unpatriotic and someone obsessed with grandstanding and vainglory. No wonder, the crowd he professed to have, immediately disappeared when DSS marched him out of circulation. He’s extremely lucky that he’s involved in this gangterism when President Buhari has turned a democratic leader and essentially, when the General has come of age, otherwise, he’s sure to rot in jail.

Nigerians shouldn’t misconstrue my submission in whatever ways. I sincerely appreciate that things are very tough. Economy is not moving. Unemployment is at its worsening best. Nigerians are going through challenging times, but, the option open to us is not revolution in the mold been engineered and professed by Sowore and his group. Till date, North African and many countries in the Middle East have not recovered from Arab spring sparked off and ignited by an unemployed Tunisian, who set himself ablaze. For whatever reasons, Nigerians in all walks of life must avoid this form of revolution, for the consequence would be grievous and dire. It may actually lead to the end of the corporate entity called Nigerian.

But, on the flip side, President Buhari could seize the momentum to ignite a significant turnaround in the nation economy, orchestrate infrastructural renewal and dramatically change the fortunes of electricity supply; one key sector that has caused retardation of all sectors in our nation. Fortunately, the ministers have been scheduled for inauguration on 21st May. The president must give them marching orders to immediately commence the implementation of government programs to lessen and ameliorate pains & agonies the populace is going through. FG should release funds into the economy through the fiscal instrumentality of payment to contractors across the federation. The government must also explore creative and ingenious mechanisms of social interventions to make money available in the economy. It’s also ideal for the government to lessen the stringent measures associated with accessing consulting and other businesses at MDAs. The ministry of Agriculture should be mandated to concentrate their efforts in the next three months at making agricultural produce available in the markets in all the nooks & crannies and at affordable prices for Nigerians. President must also find ingenious and unusual ways in significantly reduce the rate of unemployment in the country; for this has been the root cause of banditry, kidnapping, armed robbery and other vices amongst the teeming youthful population.

I would advise and encourage the president to institute and implement policies that will cause return back to Nigeria many textile companies and other manufacturing industries that have abandoned our nation for neighboring West African sub region on account of unbearable high cost of production. It’s also incumbent on FG to collaborate with state governments to as a matter of urgency establish ICT centers in specific locations across the six (6) geopolitical zones not only to provide employment for the teeming youths, but also to provide platform and avenues for burden talents in this field to flourish, blossom and ventilate their adventurism in ICT business. On a related note, FG also in conjunction with state and LGs government authorities across the country should acquire lands also in the six (6) geo-political zones  and allocate them to intending agric entrepreneurs, with a takeoff grants.

Finally, the insecurity situation in the country has reached an alarming stage. There is no gain saying the fact that President Buhari needs to restructure the nation security apparatus with the first point of call in changing the top brass of Armed Forces; Army, Navy, Air force. The security chieftains have tried their best for the nation, its time they vacate to give room for new and contemporary ideas.

There is doubt that our nation is prodigiously endowed. The option for all Nigerians is to collaborate with the government to take Nigeria from the wood. The option for us is not revolution!






















































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