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OPINION: The Need for Power to Shift to South, By Kola Amzat


Nigeria has always been a geographical entity; no one could easily comprehend of her arrangement.

From her journeys to nationhood- a product of the amalgamation of northern & southern protectorates in 1914, to the time she became independent and also attained the republic status in 1960 and 1963 respectively, with the emergence of three regions; Western, Northern & Eastern regions till date, when she operates a federal system of government with 36 federating units, delineated into six geo-political zones, with FCT Abuja, as federal capital, there has always exist an unseen hand directing her affairs, as well as choice of leadership, which consciously or unconsciously is patterned along rotational presidency between the north and south.

It’s instructive that development in the nation polity since 1999 when Nigeria re-embraced democratic governance lends credence to this.

Emerging directly from prison in 1999, Gen Obasanjo, a south westerner, made a triumphant entry to Aso Villa. After an exciting eight years in the saddle, he made way for Umar Yar’Adua, a north westerner, from whom Goodluck Jonathan, a south southerner, took over the mantle, and after six years, vacated for the incumbent, President Buhari, a north westerner, who In-Sha-Allah would be exiting in two years time. Very eloquent in the nation leadership trajectory is the divine arrangement that all northern aspirants for 2023 presidency are advised to be conscious of, and religiously respect, otherwise, they will individually be embarking on journey to political extinction.

Without much ado, it’s expected that the nation political class will collaborate to ensuring that power indeed shifts to the southern zone comes 2023.

With this expected to come to reality, south south zone having exercised their rights through Goodluck Jonathan presidency are already out of it. It’s also unfortunate that, after civil war till date, Igbos have not justified why they should also be custodian of power & authority at the federal level.

Over years, Nnamdi Kanu, an Igbo effant terrible has been relentless and resolute in his bid to actualize the Biafran Republic and he’s vigorously cultivating a number of unsuspecting & uninformed countries towards the realization of this project.

However, Nigerians & the global world expect the Igbo leaders, Traditional rulers and political class, as well as generality of Igbo populace to call him to order. It’s doubtful if they’ve done this.

If they have, there is no visible result. With Nigerians’ clear knowledge of Igbo desperate attempt to secede if opportunity presents itself, how on earth do they expect major stakeholders to entrust onto them the nation leadership? Even, if they would eventually achieve it, certainly, it won’t be as early as 2023.

The delicate & peculiar nature of Nigeria arrangement compels any geographical zone desirous of nation presidency to cultivate and seek the trust & confidence of other zones.

It’s doubtful if Igbos could be trusted with power, especially in this very critical and sensitive time in global politics when similar agitations had resulted in the balkanization of powerful nations like former Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia and even, all powerful USSR and still counting.

With the reality of the statement of facts as enunciated above dawned on the stakeholders, the mantle of presenting the next candidate for the nation leadership rests squarely with the south west zone and they must be ready to assume this onerous responsibility.

Interestingly, the people of the zone have never been found wanting in leadership. Chief Olusegun Obasanjo was a worthy and proud representative of the zone as military, as well as civilian leader. Bashorun MKO Abiola would have turned this nation into paradise. And of course, Nigerians remembered with nostalgia, the exploits of the legendary Chief Obafemi Awolowo in the Western Region as premier.

South West geo-political zone is a haven of industrious, creative, developmental, broadminded and resilient people.

They are also very accommodative and very Nigerian, as evidence in so many ethnic groups flourishing & blossoming unhindered, in business enterprises in Ibadan, Lagos Abeokuta etc as well as many prominent Nigerian families across the nation who have eternally made Lagos as their homes.

Above all, Yorubas are uncommon species who forever believe in the unity and oneness of Nigerian nation, with all their deeds, conducts, pronouncements, activities and customs since the birth of Nigeria nationhood are always geared towards preserving, strengthening & protecting her unity & togetherness.

There is no iota of doubt that, the country territorial integrity, as well as her people are well secured under the Yorubas.

We can only passionately appeal to the APC leadership hierarchy and political class across the nation to jettison ethnic sentiments, personal ambitions, petty jealousy & strife, as well as ego and work in oneness to ensuring that political power & authority shifts to south west zone.

APC hierarchy must also, as a matter of necessity collaborate to preserve the soul & spirit of the party, as well as refrain from treading the destructive path like PDP leadership, who in their height of delusion boasted that they would be in firm control for sixty years.

The party must also work assiduously to prevent a situation that will encourage the south west bloc to mute any idea whatsoever, of teaming with other groups across the country with the main objective of gaining control of power at the federal level, on account of refusal to give them their dues by APC.

It’s our collective responsibility to ensure that Vipers and Treasury looters, whose major occupation is to always decimate our commonwealth and appropriating the nation resources into their private estates don’t come closer to corridor of power again.

It’s incumbent on the political class, leaders of thoughts and all good spirited Nigerians to frustrate all attempts of PDP & other coalitions whatsoever to come to power come 2023.

The only way to ensure this is for the APC to remain an impenetrable & fortified bloc.

Of course, power shift to south west zone would guarantee this. Fortunately, the zone caucus of the party has already resolved on their choice for presidency ahead of the 2023 general elections.

Maintaining, sustaining, as well as improving on whatever legacies President Buhari would be bequeathing on the nation should be paramount in our minds.

The only path to this is to ensure an APC candidate of Yoruba descent takes over the mantle of nation leadership from the incumbent president.                                

























































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