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OPINION: The Odds Favour Ngige, The Ochendo! By Kola Amzat


The world acknowledges that, the Igbos are amazing specie. A typical Igbo man is a symbol of industry, shrewdness and competitiveness.

One of the ubiquitous races on the surface of the earth, they thrive where other fail and blossom where other develop cold feet to dwell.One cannot but salute their daring and indomitable spirit especially in business enterprises.

That’s why it’s been difficult to comprehend why they’ve find it difficult to flourish in the political sphere.

Except for the senate presidency where they were dominant force during Obasanjo regime and the four years stint they had as Secretary of the Federation through Anyim Pius Anyim in Goodluck Jonathan administration, their success at the pinnacle of polity has been regrettably limited.

Nnamdi Kanu, the belligerent and cankerous self-styled IPOB leader hasn’t helped their cause, particularly with his perennial rebellious activities both at home and foreign lands, most especially his constant threats of secession and attacks on government officials on official duties abroad, and when consideration is given to the Igbo teeming youths he has indoctrinated, it would be largely unfair and unjust to apportion blame to other segments of the country that have bluntly refused to place confidence & trust on the possible Igbo leadership of the country.

If Kanu and his motley crowd think that they resort to violence on the nation and her top government officials, on account of perceived marginalization and injustice on the Igbos, they should be re-educated and re-orientated that all other segments of Nigeria except North West and to a reasonable extent, North East geo-political zones are also marginalized.

But in the 21st Century, the approach to achieve freedom, liberty and emancipation should be strategic, tactical, ingenious and of necessity, be a fight of brains, which in Nigeria could translate to unanimity of purpose by the stakeholders to ignite and cause for restructuring in all facets, as well as deliberate resolve of the citizenry to institute a federal government that would be just, fair and equitable to all the segments of the nation in the distribution of the nation wealth, resource allocation, as well as distribution of federal appointments.

However, one cannot but, salute the resilience and pay homage to the doggedness and Spartan spirit of the political class and the elites of Igbos who have resolved against all odds, to always contest the nation leadership with other ethnic groups, even when they are aware of their limitations.

It’s against this backdrop that we implore and admonish the APC hierarchy to considering zoning the national chairmanship of the party to South East zone during the party’s forthcoming national congress at least, to give the Igbos a sense of belonging and joint stakeholders of Nigeria project. It’s instructive to note here that reconsidering South-South zone for the office is like beating a dead horse, more so when the president has shown the direction he’s headed.

Meanwhile, in the public consciousness are three candidates of repute, worthy and seasoned from Igbo extraction presently jostling for the office. Ogbonnaya Onu, former chairman of defunct ANPP, erstwhile governor of Abia state and incumbent Minister of Science & Technology is a tested candidate in his own right.

However, the battle ahead will be too fierce and tough for his gentle mien, as well as his very calm and reserved nature to cope with. In today’s political landscape, governors always seek to control the entire machinery & structure of the partyand even struggle to wrestle the control of the party with the president.

There is therefore the need to have in place a steadfast and resolute chairman who would look them at the face and declare that, they should not go beyond their boundaries. It’s doubtful if Ogbonnaya is a personality in this mold.

Ken Nnamani is another worthy aspirant. The distinguished senator is eminent in all respects. A former president of senate, it was Nnamani who sounded death knell to the third term ambition of former president, Olusegun Obasanjo, when he marshalled & mobilized his troops both in the senate & house of Reps against the 3rd term project.

However, Nnamani is obviously limited. He has never held any other office apart from been a senator. He’s never been a governor or even a Minister. We can be sure that the governors would never have modicum of respect for his office and this may be counterproductive, as the center may not hold.

Charistmatic Chris Ngige is another aspirant for the office. Ochendo is tested, trusted, worthy and distinguished for the office. Indeed, it seems nature and providence prepared him for a time like this.

Of the three candidates, he is the only undiluted progressive stock, as he has never ventures out of the progressive family, even when the times were difficult, dangerous and hopeless. Ngige was a governor of Anambra state when it was difficult to be a governor in that state. It was during the inglorious era of Uba political dynasty when Chris and Andy Uba were dominant in the politics of the state, consequent upon the maximum support they were enjoying from Obasanjo government at the center. Despite this challenge, Ochendo shone like a star, as he held his own throughout his regime.

He was also a distinguished Senator, representing Anambra East Senatorial Districts, before President Buhari considered him for a ministerial appointment, an office that provided him platform to engage on constant basis the NLC, the most vibrant & virulent labour union in Africa, as well as ASUU, perhaps, the most vociferous and incorrigible academic union in the world.

The president might have retained Ngige in the new cabinet in the newly constituted FEC on account of his indomitable spirit, that has been his trade mark over years, as well as his maturity, diplomacy, unique stamina in fighting battles and capacity to turn things around.

It’s instructive that Chris Ngige has not disappointed. But, very importantly, APC has a candidate who has capacity to command respect from all and sundries; senators, governors, ministers, top government officials and other major stakeholders, because he has seen it all.

He also has a commanding personality, physical presence, as well as aura of success, a trait the party could capitalize on to dwarf their opponents during the forthcoming general elections.

As the congress of the party beckons, we advise the caretaker committee led by Governor Mai Bunu & his team, party hierarchy and major stakeholders across the country to see clearly the hands of God in Ochendo and consider him for the office of chairmanship of the party. It may be fruitless & pointless to dissipate energy to other directions where God has not pointed.



























































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