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OPINION: The Ordeal Of Kingsley Okhonmina


The reason I, Kingsley Okhonmina, a bonafide indigene of Benin City left Edo Sate to Adamawa State was not unconnected with the campaign of the election in which a Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) stalwart who happened to be an opponent called me because they know I have a lot of boys in my community that we work together and we used to go to different communities and villages to campaign for  All Progressive Congress (APC).

This time around, the PDP promised to give me a better job more better than APC has promised me. But I rejected their offer because I can’t betray my party which is APC.

Thereafter,  the PDP called me several times to join them but I keep rejecting their proposal and offer which was very enticing to any potential politician. Then they started to make threat to my life that if they lose their election, they will give me a lot of problem.

So after the election, APC emerged the winner from that moment, P.D.P started to carry out their threat, They began to use thugs to intimidate, harassed and threatened me.

I don’t know how they were able to locate where I was living with my mum because I never had father.

Sometimes in December 20, 2013, some group of thugs came to our house and they destroyed everything in our house but I managed to escape and ran to the police station to report the matter that same day. After I had reported the matter to the police I also went to report to my party leader but he told me to relax since I have already reported the incident to the police.

Few weeks later, the same set of thugs resurfaced again but I was not at home and they shot my mother. I got a call from one of our neighbor that my mother was shot dead by some group of thugs. So I had to run for safety and I find a way to contact my friend Mike in Adamawa State who was able to provide some level of protection for me.


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