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OPINION: Through Pastor Adeboye, God Has Spoken, by Kola Amzat


God deliberately makes it a tradition to always speak in advance of significant events through His anointed set of prophets. God spoke to the Israelites through Samuel, advising them of the consequences of their stubbornness in prematurely demanding for a king to rule over their affairs.

God also spoke through Joseph, who he mysteriously saddled with the responsibility of interpreting Pharaoh’s complex dreams concerning what He’s purposed to do in the land of Egypt. Through Elijah, God pronounced that, Samaria would not witness rain for years on account of their idolatry.

The same Almighty God spoke to the Israelites of His resolve to subject them to captivity, oppression and complete domination by King Nebuchadnezzar for good 70 years, consequent upon their passion for worshipping idols.

In the same vein, God spoke to Nigeria about two weeks ago through Pastor Adeboye, announcing His intention to subject Nigeria to split, if the leadership refuses to set her on the path of genuine restructuring.

Despite the fact that the prodigiously anointed pastor, announced God intention to the power & authority, they chose to ignore him and indeed, with uncomplimentary remarks, that nobody can subject government to undue pressure.

In contrast, what Nigerians expect from the government was message of hope &reassurance that, government is abreast of the demands of stakeholders across the country, and that, government would soon review the situation of events and set Nigeria on the path of restructuring.

For emphasis, nobody on the surface of earth ignores God and goes unscathed. Jettisoning God directives is obviously at one’s peril.

That’s has been Nigeria cross over the last few weeks. That’s the burden Nigeria has been carrying in the last couple of weeks, with the sudden emergence of the #EndSARS protesters. The agitation started like other previous ones that Nigerians are suddenly accustomed to.

Suddenly, it has assumed a frightening & incredible dimension. Indeed, the nationwide protest is fast completely getting out of control. Besides the youths who are the original initiators, other Nigeria stakeholders-Major churches’ leadership, prominent Nigerians, CSO, CLO and several anonymous financiers have joined the struggle.

I fear that, in the days to come, it may involve the leadership of ethnic groups and that’s when the real problems would surface.

It’s instructive to note that, this is the very first time in the contemporary Nigeria that an agitation is lingering for this long. Nigerians recall how tons of protests for the return of democratic governance during Abacha era were maliciously quelled.

Even, when Chief MKO Abiola, the presumed winner of 1993 presidential election was alleged to have been murdered, the world vividly recollects how the agitations of Nigerians for restoration of his mandate was viciously brought to an end.

How come the #EndSARS agitation has endured for this length of time, an usual development completely out of the expectations of Nigerians and indeed, monitoring global community that, always contemptuously refer to Nigerians as docile, timid and compliant people, who are always ready to swallow any rubbish thrown at them, so much that successive leaders in the country have taken it for granted that, they could hold Nigerians in captive & slavery, with impunity, for as long as they desire and nothing would happen.

But, with the present development, it’s obvious that it’s a dawn of new era. Several factors necessitated this. Through social media, political documentaries, foreign Newspapers & Magazines, Nigerians now witness spirited efforts aimed at fighting for freedom, liberty & economic emancipation, by other nationals of other countries across the globe, who are also being subjected to misrule, maladministration and economic deprivations.

Nigerians also acknowledge with regret that, the nation successive leaders over several decades have simply squandered & appropriated enormous revenue resources derived from oil & petroleum,  solid minerals, agriculture produce and other endowments of the nation, into individual private estates and other needless ventures completely, at variance with the country quest for growth & development in all facets.

Nigerians, especially the teeming youths, who are the harbingers of the present struggle, have suddenly come to the realization of the fact that, just like their fathers, uncles and other senior citizens, who have been dominated, oppressed and harassed over years, their own cases maybe worst, if they don’t rise up now to face the battle heads-on, challenge the oppressive leadership and lay a better, reassuring & guaranteed future for themselves, as well as coming generations.

Nigerians are also frustrated & disorientated with reckless display of stolen wealth & acquired riches,through looted nation Treasury, by the political class and their cohorts, while 95% of the populations are wallowing in abject poverty, misery and hopelessness.

Nigerians are equally disturbed & completely agonized, of pervading inequality in the land, resulting from the mindless concentration of the nation resources, as well as power & authority in the northern zone. The populace is appalled at deliberate & wanton wastage of the nation’s hard-earned resources on the political class, through high cost of governance. With the attendant spontaneous reactions & maximum support #EndSARS agitations enjoy across the nation, as well as the tacit support of leadership of religious bodies, as well as endorsement of prominent Nigerians the movement has attracted, it’s instructive to note that, #EndSARS is simply a metaphor, as well as consequent upon the years of bottled anger, frustrations, despair, as well as general disenchantment of the entire populace over the misrule and maladministration the citizenry have been subjected to, over decades.

It’s therefore imperative that, government must listen to the voices of reason being spearheaded by Pastor Adeboye, who undoubtedly acted in accordance with God directive.

It’s an auspicious time that the president must as a matter of urgency, set in necessary machinery aimed at restructure Nigeria. It’s time for equity; justice & fairness to prevail in the land.

As I opined in my previous write-ups in social media, newspapers and magazines, time is ripe for transferring some major items in the Exclusive List of 68 items —Police, Stamp Duties, Federal Truck Roads passing through the states, Post & Telegraphs, Taxation, Pensions, Census, Other government security agencies and even, Mines & Minerals to Concurrent Lists. This will reasonably empower and also ensure the relevance of states in the overall administration of thecountry.

It’s also time to reduce significantly the existing humongous cost of governance that has constituted barrier to Nigerian quest for prosperity, growth & development in all facets. MDAs must be rationalized to the manageable level. NASS membership must be reasonably reduced in tandem, with what the resources of the country could accommodate. In the same vein, the humongous sum being expended on the Executive arm must come down significantly.

The cost of maintaining ministries and their Ministers, as well as retinue of their staff compliments, must be significantly reviewed downwards. The same goes for the Special Advisers and their compliment of staffs, which must also have the being expended on them being on downward trend. That’s the only way to rebuild the lost confidence & trust of the nation amongst the citizenry.

Finally, it’s become expedient for the government to initiative &institutionalizes credible, reliable, efficient and workableIndustrial, Agricultural, Infrastructural, Educational, as well as Energy policies to drive & trigger of genuine growth & development, as well as prosperity of ournation.President Buhari must appreciate that, we’re all stakeholders in Nigeria and individual must play his role well, to ensure the continuous corporate existence of Nigeria. His indifference to the voices of agitation for restructuring, equity, fairness & justice in the land will continue to worsen and compound the already charged & tensed atmosphere.This is a democratic order and president must respect this.



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