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OPINION: Tinubu Presidency; Oyo Must Be Part Of Stakeholders, By Kola Amzat


Historically, Oyo state is a political fortress of the progressives. It’s a fact that has been established beyond doubt, right from the time of Yoruba legend, Chief Jeremiah Obafemi Awolowo, the late Premier of defunct Western Region, who despite the fact that his ancestral home is Ikenne, opted for Oke-Ado political home in Ibadan, to always launch his political battles to the length & breadth of the region, as well as the entire country.

Indeed, Awo made Ibadan the political capital of Yoruba states. The tradition continued with the emergence of Cicero of Esa Oke, the Iconic Chief Bola Ige, as the executive governor of the state in the second republic under the platform of UPN.

Of course, the world knew that the brilliant orator was handed the second term mandate by the good people of the state before Chief Meredith Adisa Akinloye led NPN deployed federal might to upturn the wish of the people in favor of Dr. Omololu Olunloyo.

Nonetheless, the progressive dominance in the state continued with the emergence of Kolapo Isolaas governor under the platform of SDP in a short-lived democratic experiment of 1993, after which the veteran journalist and progressive of unquestionable standing, Alhaji Lam Adesina rode triumphantly to governor’s office under the AD platform in 1999 at the commencement of 4th Republic.

We’re also aware how Chief Olusegun Obasanjo utilized the power & authority of his presidency, to truncate the second term mandates of all the then progressive governors, except for Asiwaju Tinubu who survived the onslaught.

The progressive however returned to reckoning with Abiola Ajimobi who coasted to victory in 2011 and repeated the same feat in 2015, a political development unprecedented in the history of the state.

I’ve deliberately highlighted the trajectory of political power & authority in the state to prove beyond reasonable doubt that, Oyo remains the home of progressives and that, the emergence of Engr Seyi Makinde is a strange development that, the people of the state must collaborate to draw curtains on, comes 2023. The governor, though a gentleman, reasonably focused, with great desires, but just lacking the political sagacity to superintend over a strategic state like Oyo, noted for her rich political heritages and gargantuan legacies.

As governor of the state, it’s just traditional that the Yorubas must acknowledge him, as the rallying point, with the entire country also relating with him first, before launching to other states within the geo-political zone, particularly in matters that are of interest to the race. Engr Makinde obviously does not have this aura.

More importantly, it’s becoming crystal clear that the North won’t have no choice than to allow power shift to the South West in 2023, only in the interest of preserving the unity and harmony of the country. If this eventually happens, I have no apology to anyone, to submit that Asiwaju Tinubu will Insha-Allah, clinches the ticket. It’s just normal that, nature must compensate him, for he’s comprehensively paid his dues. He’s invested fortunes in the political development of the country. He’s invested heavily in people. Consciously or unconsciously, he’s succeeded in building political stars & blocs across the country.

In the presidency, NASS, Governors’ offices, Houses of Assembly and LGCs across the country, his political footprints are boldly written everywhere. No matter got resolved in APC today, without leaders across the country consulting Burdillon. There is nothing anybody can do about it; its God creation and we must be ready to accept it, the way it is.

Besides APC hierarchy handing over the presidential ticket to him, he indeed has the amazing wherewithal, capacity and incredible networks to win the election, even landslides. It’s therefore not surprising that, the immediate past Speaker of House of Reps, Rt. Hon Yakubu Dogara has returned to APC fold. The next in line is the essential & rugged Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, a bosom friend of Tinubu and four-time presidential aspirant.

And of course, Bukola Saraki, the gadfly of Kwara politics will follow suit. I also foresee quite a number of PDP governors cross carpeting to APC. Before the next general elections, PDP ranks would have been comprehensively ravaged & depleted, as some of their notable personalities will desire to be part of Asiwaju Tinubu presidency. With this script expected to play out, it will be foolhardy for Oyo people to remain in PDP camp beyond 2023. In fact, it will be most frustrating & dangerous party to remain with, after the next general election. I personally don’t see how we’ll survive as PDP state with Tinubu presidency. This is therefore a clarion call to well-weaning people of the state to start mobilizing the citizenry from now towards the project of returning the state back to the fold of APC.

Fortunately, the state APC has very reliable, dependable, experienced and worthy personalities in Otunba Adebayo Alao-Akala and Chief Niyi Akintola who could together lead the state to prosperity& chart a new direction for the state. Akintola particularly has the temerity, resourcefulness, commanding standing and wide exposure to navigate the state to the path of glory. A Senior Advocate of Nigeria and legal practitioner of repute, he has devoted a significant part of his practice in fighting the cause of progressives, restoring many of the stolen governorship and senatorial mandates to the party. He was A Deputy Speaker of the state parliament in the short-lived democratic experiment of 1993. A very matured and keen mind, as well as incredibly exposed administrator, under his watch, the state is assured of giant strides in all Facets-Agricultures, Road & Security Infrastructures, Medical Facilities, Economy and others. More importantly, the state is guaranteed of being re-integrated back into the national politics, where she rightly belongs. Niyi Akintola is rooted in national politics, just as he’s rooted in his legal practice across the country, with quality friends & associates spread across the length & breadth of Nigeria.

My passionate appeal therefore to the people of the state to arise and return the state back to APC fold comes 2023.

























































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