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OPINION: Tinubu’s Alleged Baggage; North Should Allow Nigerians To Decide By Kola AMZAT


Ahead of 2023 general elections, there are few disturbing voices from the North alleging that Asiwaju Bola Tinubu has political baggage, which may constitute cog in the wheel of his presidency bid.

The mischief would have been disregarded as one of those pedestrian submissions that would eventually pale into insignificance, but the major concern here, is that the voices seem that of Jacob, but the hands are that of Esau.

Logically, deductions could be made that some key members of the northern political class might have resolved to work against the presidency bid of the APC national leader.

It’s instructive to submit that, this development is reminiscent of the intractable case of Aare MKO Abiola who Nigerians in all walks of life overwhelmingly voted for, during the 1993 presidential elections, but was denied the opportunity to ascend the throne by the military class and some few elements within the northern political class.

What was MKO offence? The highly cerebral business mogul of Egba descent and Fellow of Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) and recipient of many national & international academic, professional, as well as excellence in business laurels, was alleged to have been too close to the military top brass.

Indeed, he was labeled as the harbinger of their major investments, then scattered abroad and to that extent, the north reasoned that MKO would be too dangerous to be entrusted with the nation presidency, even though, he already secured his mandate.

That conspiracy put paid to MKO’s ambition to become Nigeria president. Therefore, with the recent pronouncement of these few elements in the North, another case of MKO is already in our hands and it’s advisable that all lovers of democracy particularly Nigerians, who genuinely desire the continuous corporate existence of this wonderful nation, must be categorical & deliberate in admonishing this group to refrain completely, from this mischievous conspiracy of Tinubu’s alleged baggage otherwise, this may be the last straw that would break the camel’s back.

They must be reminded that, even after 27 years of denying MKO his mandate, the resultant political eclipse is yet to be totally cleared in the nation political horizon despite spirited efforts made by the successive administrations. Let me categorically submit that, it’s not the responsibility of any northern group to decide who Nigerians across the country desire, but, Nigerians themselves. May be its even an auspicious time to lay the matter to a permanent rest. What exactly do they refer to as baggage? That Bola Tinubu deployed the instrumentality of his office while he was Lagos state governor to amass wealth? That he has stakes in some Lagos state business enterprises? For the avoidance of doubt, Tinubu was a wealthy man before he ascended the governor’s office in Lagos state. He was the Treasurer of Mobil Nig Plc. He was the major Financier of the NADECO democratic struggles, both home and abroad. It’s not lost on Nigerians that, he singlehandedly financed his governorship election in 1999, after he was chosen as AC flagbearer in Lagos state.

These people must be schooled and properly re-orientated of the humongous resources required by any aspirant to execute & prosecute gubernatorial election in Lagos state. That was what Tinubu did with aplomb! More importantly, we need to reiterate to those who are pretending not to know that, there is need for them to recognize that, today all governors in Nigeriapolitical sphere are billionaires, as well as those who had earlier served in that office and are shrewdly managing their investments that scattered across the globe. That’s the way & manner the country governance is structured. The nation constitution is designed in a way that, a governor has absolute control over the resources of the state he governs, regardless of the oversight functions of the state house assembly.It might interest Nigerians to know that, a number of Asiwaju contemporary governors might be richer & wealthier than he does!So, why singling out this Nigerian political legend for hanging on the sword of Damocles on account of his legitimate wealthy? Why continually subjecting him to unwarranted crucification at Golgotha despite several achievements he has recorded in the Nigerian political space?

The Northern group didn’t see this baggage when he mysteriously snatched victory at the jaws of defeat for President Buhari from Atiku Abubakar during the APC presidential primary election at Lagos Teslim Balogun Stadium before the 2015 general elections. Their eyes were closed to the alleged baggage when he mobilized and marshalled the APC party men & women, as well as Nigerians across the country to vote for the president during 2015 and 2019 presidential elections. The mischief makers kept mute, of the baggage when he was influencing the composition of NASS leadership, a strategic initiative geared at ensuring that the president’s policies and programs got implemented without much challenges.

It’s now that he expresses interest in the presidency that they suddenly went to their political archives to dig out conspiracy of political baggage. If the deluge of attacks coming onto him from all directions is consequent upon his expression for the nation topmost job, that conspiracy would not work, as they are already dead on arrival. Those who are plotting against him would forever labour in vain, without achieving their objective. Across the globe, the best, the boldest, the most brilliant and the wealthiest were those who have presided over theaffairs of their respective countries. It’s also the most gifted in terms of managerial skills and resources that are still in charge, as well as still aspiring to lead their respective countries. Why should Nigeria case be different? The Reagans, Clintons, Berlusconis, Putins, Merkels, Korean Kim Uns, Trumps etc, are all men of immense means and resources before they aspire to lead their countries. Back home, the Obasanjos, Jonathans, Yar’Aduaand even Buharis, were also men of means & riches before they ascended throne.

Regardless of the mischief-makers’ nocturnal meetings, their running helter-skelter, as well as plots here and there to halt Tinubu presidency bid, he remains the best man in APC fold for the job. The Nigerian political legend has a date to keep with history to occupy Aso Villa, comes 2023 by God’s willing. It’s never a subject of debate that, he would lead the country very well politically and economically. He has enormous managerial competence to achieve this. He has unquestionable loads of experience to redirect the course of this country on to the path of prosperity, growth & development particularly in this trying period. He has tremendous contacts with the business and political leaders across the globe for Nigeria to capitalize on, to be a major player in the international market and diplomacy. More importantly, Tinubu with his rare bridge-building quality has the capacity to reignite the unity, togetherness and oneness of this wonderful country. So, why are these enemies of the nation and agents of darkness working with all so much vigor to prevent Nigeria nation to attract Tinubu’s touch of Midas and grace on her economy, politics, as well as infrastructures, just like they colluded and collaborated to halt the country from tasting MKO’s Abiola touch of excellence and brilliance? Who is afraid of Tinubu? Let them come out boldly, so that Nigerians would know those who are plotting to drive their country into extinction?

Let me submit again as I’ve done severally that, for fairness, equity and justice to prevail, South/west geo-political zone remains the political bloc to produce the next presidential candidate for APC and it’s not the responsibility of the few elements in the north to foist their choice candidate on the zone. Bola Tinubu remains the only candidate of the South/west and on him, the entire people of the highly respected zone stands. The northern group tinkering with the candidacy of Kayode Fayemi is only out to drive the party into oblivion in the zone. Even in Ekiti state, that he presently governs, he remains a less popular candidate, how much more the entire Yoruba states. Fayemi would woefully lose senatorial contest in the state, if he dares to contest.

It’s germane to remind APC hierarchy that, it’s incumbent on them not to subject the party to avoidable implosion by their continual act of inconsistency.


Lagos based Financial & Management Consultants,





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