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OPINION: Why Ambode Must Go, By Kola Amzat


Democratic governance towers above other systems of governance, essentially due its flexibility, inclusiveness and sense of belonging it provides to stakeholders. In the system, all stakeholders are relevant, irrespective of whichever level of government one finds himself. Democratic system framework ensures that everyone needs each other; president needs to reckon with the governors; governor needs to reckon with the office of Local government chairman etc. Indeed, it’s the appreciation and acknowledgement of mutual respect in the process that guarantees the sustainance of political blocs and faithful followership.

Even in death, Chief Obafemi Awolowo remains a cult hero, as his image continually looms even, larger than any of the political stalwart across the land. The late sage was a strong advocate of mutual relationship with its attendant mutual respect among his adherents. Asiwaju Bola Tinubu is one politician, in modern Nigeria who is also a strong student of this school of thought. This particularly accounts for why he has continually to flourish and blossom politically. With his strong conviction that the process is the only way out to remain politically relevant, he has single handedly nurtured and positioned very many personalities, in visible position of authorities across the nation.

Its instructive to remind ourselves, how Babatunde Raji Fashola emerged as Lagos state governor. Its also important to recollect the sudden emergence of Akin Ambode from nowhere to be the governor of the state. And of course, Asiwaju Tinubu’s handwork was eloquent in the ascendance of the duo of President Buhari and Prof Osinbajo to the present leadership position in our nation! To his credit is also the meteoric rise of number of governors, senators, parliametarians, both at national and state levels. In return, the beneficiaries of his gestures, never failed to continually lubricate the machinery that ensures their rise to political relevance and prominence.

Locally, Lagos state has continually remains APC fiefdom due to no factor other than the political blocs erected in all the nooks & crannies of the state, during Asiwaju Tinubu eighth years impressive reign in the state. Over years, opponents have found the state most impregnable to penetrate, not even, during the imperious reign of PDP at federal level. Despite the fact that other S/W governors’ mandates were stolen, Chief Obasanjo, with all his might as president, couldn’t stop the second term reign of Bola Tinubu as governor of the state.The failure experienced by PDP to actualize their sinister and despicable plan then in Lagos was due to the awesome political goodwill he built and support of the die-hard faithful he nurtured, who collectively were of the conviction that its better to swim and sink with him. During his tenure, you don’t even need to hold political office or elective office, before you enjoy dividend of democracy. His government provide framework of patronages for all the classes; The professional benefited optimally from Lagos economy under his watch, through tax consultancy. Traditional rulers significantly profited through his administration land policies and of course, Jagaban’s primary constituent-political class had a swell time. The civil servants also had their best time ever, during his regime.

How come in the last three years, that the same political class, tax consultants, traditional rulers, professionals, civil servants , contractors etc that Tinubu profoundly labored to cultivate and satistified for eighth years, that Ambode has been working assiduously for their extinction from the surface of the earth. This is ironical as its unfathomable!

His main office largely remains the melting point of every economic activities in the state. What an absurd! Delegation of authority and power remains a strange concept in his regime. The commissioners who ordinarily should enjoy some level of influence and authority are completely cowed and emansculated. Big, medium and even, smaller contract awards, are all exclusive of the governor, his close circle of friends and family members. Tax consultants have not been paid a dime, for upward of one year; I am a TAMA, so I’m involved. Commissioners, Board Chairmen, Heads of government agencies take authority and orders, on even minutest of decisions and pedestrian issues. Payments as low as could be imagined, only come from governor office. Civil servants continually groan in pains.

Besides the shelter bus project on-going in some parts of the state, the governor in his self-willed wisdom has resolved to concentrate economic, infrastructural and socio-cultural development essentially on one location-Epe and its axis. The governor is also notorious for continually squandering state resources on frivolities and irrelevancies with particular references to needless musical jamboree & concerts, sporting events that have no bearing and absolutely meaningless to real development Lagosians voted him to pursue. Even though, the leadership of legislative arm would not want to rock the boat, citizenry are well aware that all is not well between the two arms of the government. Its also on good authority that governor constantly discountenance and dispenses with wise counsel of leadership of the party, as it relates to political issues and other policies that supposed to shape the state. If this is disposition of the governor towards political class, one wonders what this might be to traditional leaders.

Before its too late, someone should confront this governor, that he’s strangulating the party with his one man show. His style is already threatening the relevance and capacity of political fortress built by Asiwaju, through years of hardwork, denials, nocturnal meetings and sacrifice. Someone should impress it on the governor, that he’s already destoying the political ladder that ensures his ascendancy to political prominence. He should also be reminded that, it’s the people that his making spirited efforts for their extinction now, that would ensure his come back bid, if there will be nothing like that!

We should also draw it to the hearing of the governor, that wealth of Lagos is not meant for him alone and his cronies and that, he should ensure equitable distribution of the resources on infrastructures and other socio economic developments across the state, rather than concentrating them in the same location.

Asiwaju Tinubu has played his part meritoriously well in Lagos and the governor is expected to raise the bar, by continuing from where he and Raji Fashola stopped, but, it does appear that Akin Ambode doesn’t have the same vision and mentality. What you don’t have, it may be difficult to give. I enjoin the leadership of the party and genuine stakeholders to rise in unison by rescuing the state from the strong hold of Ambode, by allowing other fresh, people -centric and humane governor to emerge in 2019. Its clear that Ambode doesn’t have the capacity and maturity to manage people interests, his second term in office would be distratrous and catastrophy for the party, stakeholders, business community and other stakeholders.


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