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OPINION: Why Asiwaju Tinubu Should Succeed President Buhari By Kola Amzat


President Buhari continues to remain an object of mystery. His mental alertness and emotional state has continually confounded Nigerians. He has defied all odds not only to stay alive, but to remain physically fit, emotionally strong and vibrantly healthy, to attend to the onerous responsibility of leading the most populous nation on the surface of the earth.

Very interestingly, this same president was shuttling Great Britain and Germany on quarterly basis for critical medical issues a couple of years back. In fact, Nigerians almost had in their hands another tragic case of Umar Yar’Adua before God Almighty, the benevolent & merciful turned his captivity around.

Thankfully, the  stability in the president’s health condition and physical being has afforded him the ample opportunity of providing purposeful leadership for the country, as well as attending to the challenges in the critical facets of the nation developmental landscapes; economy, infrastructures, socio-political, insecurity etc.

The president has confronted infrastructural development with a rare combination of single-mindedness and courage.

Lagos/Ibadan/Abeokuta modern railway construction is almost completed. Abuja/Kaduna rail project has been rounded up. Itakpe/ Ajaokuta/Warri, as well as Portharcourt/Aba rail lines have recently been launched, with their completion time scheduled in the next two years.

Similarly, the nation’s Airports; MMA International Airport, Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Aminu Kano International Airport etc have all had their facilities upgraded to the world standard. In the same vein, the country’s major highways; Lagos/Ibadan expressway, Kano/Kaduna/Zaria, East/West road, as well as 2nd Niger Bridge, are all commanding maximum attention of the federal authority, with billions of Naira being expended on them, in a bid to ensuring that they become enduring legacies of this administration.

Meanwhile, despite the devastating and destructive effects of the ravaging covid-19, the World Bank has just rated the Nigerian economy as one of the fastest growing economy, with one of the best GDP across the globe. On a related note, the NSE was recently adjudged by Bloomberg as the best Exchange in the world in Year 2020.

We also need to commend the president for the efficient and productive collaboration between the Fiscal and Monetary Authorities; a working relationship that has positively impacted on the economy, with respect to relative price stability, foreign reserves & exchange rate efficient management, as well as favorable MPR. The president has in-fact mandated that, under no circumstance should Ministry of Finance and CBN, henceforth operate at cross purposes.

The aforementioned performances in the economy wouldn’t have been possible without efficient and resourceful economic managers assembled by the president to be in charge of that segment of the economy.

The president also deserved accolades for restoring the country fiscal year to Jan/Dec cycle, a very commendable and worthwhile achievement which couldn’t have been possible without the collaboration of the NASS, an important arm of government the president has developed cordial & harmonious relationship with.

Also, in a bid to empower the less privileges and downtrodden especially in their small scale entrepreneurial initiatives, the federal government has introduced social intervention programs for the citizenry diverse needs; Trader Moni, Market Women Moni, Rural Dwellers Empowerment scheme etc.

Recently, the 774,000 public works scheme for the Nigerian teeming unemployed youths has joined the league.

Despite the fact that, the federal government is committing mindboggling resources on the nation security architecture, there still seems a long way to go, as the nation security challenges is being funded & sponsored by foreign elements including the Mediterranean and Middle East terrorists and fundamentalists.

The recent appointment of the new service chiefs by the president is a move intended to wipe out the bandits and insurgents from all nooks & crannies of the country, as well as securing the territorial integrity of our dear nation.

 Notwithstanding the myriads of challenges dogging the path of government, the president has remarkably been resolute and relentless in laying very solid and enduring foundation for the infrastructural, economic and educational development of the country, but, it’s quite obvious that most of the aforementioned eye-popping and gigantic projects, presently on-going across the country would not be completed in the life of this administration.

The centerpiece of this write-up is therefore to encourage & implore the president on the need to make a deliberate and conscious effort to hand over the reign of government to that distinguished statesman and genuine ally, who has been a major stakeholder and part of APC project from the inception, and also the one who appreciates in its entirety the president programs, so as to continue where the president would stop, as well as possibly completes some of the projects that would obviously be in the state of work-in-progress when the president tenure expires.

We exercise no doubt that, Asiwaju Tinubu would do a wonderful job of not only preserving and protecting jealously the legacy of the president, but would also take the country developmental facets to the desired point of the president.

Nigerians would vividly recollect that since the inauguration of this administration in May 2015, Bola Tinubu has been a major defender, supporter and advocate of all policies of the president, even when it’s most inconvenient, very dangerous and quite difficult to do so.

Let’s reflect on these; for consistently constituting cog in the implementation of the president numerous populist programs during his short reign as senate president, Bukola Saraki is today in the political oblivion. Tinubu didn’t stop at that, he moved further by masterminding the constitution of supportive and cooperative NASS leadership in the present dispensation, a calculated move geared at making the president always getting the buy-in of NASS in all his policies implementation.

Also, Bola Tinubu was one of the very few Nigerians who stoutly defended the government when the president ordered the closure of nation’s borders. Tinubu solicited for the understanding of the protesting citizenry and mobilized for their supports for the successful implementation of the policy, which later turned out to be significantly beneficial to the economy.

The same APC leader was the one who admonished the Niger Delta militant groups and other stakeholders in that region, who were then  at daggers- drawn with the federal government on the issues bothering on the development of the region, to sheath their swords and engage in constructive dialogue with the government.

Then, he warned that, the path of pipelines vandalization, as well as kidnapping of local and foreign investors that they’re taking could only lead to the destruction. His admonition paid off, as the country economy has continues to remain stable, with the region also remains peaceful.

Nigerians would also recollect how Tinubu suffered collateral damages, with respect to destruction of his investments in media worth several billions, mainly for standing stoutly by the federal government during the #EndSars agitations. He was also at the forefronts of supporting the president in most social intervention programs geared at empowering less privilege and masses in their low-scale entrepreneurial ventures.

Continually and persistently, he’s been drawing it, into the hearing of CBN authority that, the Apex Bank needs to constantly support the government numerous attempts at making life more meaningful for the Nigerian entrepreneurs in all cadres, by rolling out favorable MPR that would encourage commercial banks to provide funding for businesses at relatively low and friendly interest rate.

Asiwaju has stood like rock of Gibraltar behind the president in his bid to reorganize and restructure NNPC, as well as making it more productive and responsive. The federal government policy of concessioning out the nation four refineries to make them functional and support the economy also attracted maximum support of APC national leader. There are other economic and political supports the government is attracting from across African continent and even beyond, on account of Bola Tinubu diplomatic relationship.

As the nation moves into the defining period for 2023 general elections, the president would surely be proud and elated to hand over the baton of nation leadership to this seasoned, visionary, tested & trusted, as well as developmental and global-view centric administrator, with a rare capacity to seamlessly launching Nigeria into the world map, as well as engages the international community boldly in any discourse whatsoever that concerns the development of our nation; economy, infrastructures, socio-political, international relations, global developmental issues and other emerging matters across the globe. It’s also an additional benefit that Asiwaju is not only a loyal and dependable ally of the president; he’s also an insider in the workings of government with respect to his reasonable knowledge of government programs & policies, as well as future plans of the government.

The president would equally be pleased to hand over the reign of government to this thoroughbred Nigerian, who the generality of the Nigeria people believe would deploy the instrument of power & authority to develop all the nooks & crannies of the country, as well as utilize it to further unite Nigerians and ensure the nation’s oneness and togetherness.

As i draw the curtain on this piece, it’s important to encourage and implore the president that, the unprecedented giant stride that has been the face and hall mark of this administration in all facets, is too sensitive and critical to be handed over for the management of political neophytes, outsiders, as well as the elements who are not part of the APC project from inception, and essentially, those who are too far away from the visions, dreams and picture of what the president thinks Nigeria should possibly be, after he might have vacated the office.




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