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OPINION: Why Ladoja Should Be Crowned As The Next Olubadan, By Kola Amzat


Ibadan was indeed founded in the 16th century. By 1820, a combined army of Oyo, Egba, Ijebu and Ifes fought the Fulani to standstill to wrestle the town for the Yoruba. After a titanic battles to annex the soul of the Ibadan by all the towns that combined to fight, Oyo gained absolute control in 1829.

By 1851, a system where the Baale line (civic) and Balogun line (military) shared power was instituted and this system has been in place ever since till date. Suffice to say that, there are two ruling lines to the throne of Olubadan, EgbeAgba (civil) and Balogun (military), from where Olubadans are appointed on rotational basis to occupy the stool on the death of a monarch.

The next to Olubadan and most senior on both lines are the Otun Olubadan and Balogun, who under the Western Nigeria Law are recognized as second class traditional rulers who are included on the Nigerian equivalent of a civil list.

Others are the Osi Olubadan, Asipa Olubadan, Ekerin and Ekarun, as well as Otun Balogun, Osi Balogun, Asipa Balogun, Ekerin and Ekarun Balogun, while the Seriki and Iyalode. Mother of the town as “minister for women affairs” or “female chief”) are also members of the Olubadan privy council.

It’s the above tested & trusted system that the deceased governor of Oyo State, Senator Abiola Ajimobi and Chief Lekan Balogun and others labored with all the might to disrupt, destroy, erase and draw curtains on.

The dead governor single-handedly crowned all the chiefs, including Lekan Balogun and created kingdoms for them within Ibadan land, thus making confusion, anarchy and pandemonium to reign supreme but, for the insight, wisdom and understanding of the monarch.

They battled the late Oba with all their strengths and resources, but Oba Saliu Adetunji, despite his old age stood his ground to protect his stool and the heritage of Ibadan land. He resisted them with courage, patriotic zeal and boldness reminiscent of a Lion and warrior. Remarkably, he carried out the resistance by risking his throne, not minding the fact that, he could indeed be dethroned.

With a ruthless governor in the mold of Ajimobi that we all knew, he could have as well attempted to dethrone the monarch but, Almighty God probably didn’t put this one in his thought. The fight was as fiery as that so much that senior members of the Bar were feasting on the impasse till it lasted. It was the incumbent governor who instituted the truce.

Meanwhile, of all the chiefs who are on the line or close to the throne, it was only Senator Rasheed Adewolu Ladoja who stood his ground, as well as stood by the king to ward off the vampires and the ambitious chiefs. Ladoja bluntly refused to wear the crown and vowed to protect the heritage of Ibadan with the last pint of his blood.

Even though, this development festered and endured for a long time, the late king and Senator Ladoja prevailed when the new governor intervened by restoring back the processes of the succession.

It’s quite evident that Senator Lekan Balogun has little or no confidence in this succession plan, so why does he want to ascend the throne through the same process? Perhaps, there are other fundamental changes that may have wide negative implications in the traditions and customs of Ibadanland that he might be harboring until he assumes the throne.

This is why every true son and daughter of Ibadan land must arise in their thousands to prevent his ascendance to the throne.

If one doesn’t believe in a system, it would be inimical, counter productive and injurious for one to benefit through that system.

Ibadan is a land of honor and dignity. It’s a land of valiant, brilliant, industrious and visionary people. It’s a land of several men of valor. It’s the political capital of Yoruba.

It’s where the Yoruba converge from time to resolve political, economic and socio-cultural issues. It’s where Yoruba meet on periodic basis to take decisions to be presented on behalf of the highly respected race to the Federal Government.

Therefore, the monarch presiding and superintending on the authority of the kingdom must of necessity not be destructive, lily-livered, unduly ambitious and must attracts the respect of all and sundry. I doubt if Senator Balogun is in this bracket.

The city must be kinged by a valiant, courageous, patriotic, highly revered by all, brilliant and sufficiently knowledgeable with insight and wisdom, protective and defender of traditions and cultures.

Senator Ladoja is imbued with aforementioned qualities and even in abundance. It will therefore be appropriate and beneficial if the kingmakers should dare the consequences and install Senator Rasheed Adewolu Ladoja as the next Olubadan. That’s the path to take to protect the sanctity and heritage of the stool.


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