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OPINION: Danger Looms, If Akeredolu Returns, By Kola Amzat


The existing 36  states arrangement delineated into six geo-political zones in the Nigerian Federal system came into being in 1995. The proponents of this laudable model were shrewd, developmental and indeed, imbued with spirit of wisdom.

They were obviously conscious of the fact that no state could develop, as well as attain her potentials only with her efforts, without being a member of a bloc of states which she shares similar customs, traditions, norms, languages, as well as historical heritage with.

That’s why Niger Delta bloc would speak on any issue that concerns them with one voice and federal government would listen. That also accounts for the oneness and unity of purpose, at least amongst Igbo governors.

And of course, the spirit of togetherness amongst the northern blocs has never been in doubt when the interest of north is at stake.

You could always predict with the measure of certainty the direction all the states in the north would go, even though they profess primary allegiance to the Nigerian nation.

Although, the trio of late Chief Obafemi Awolowo, Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe and Sir Ahmadu Bello assiduously & vigorously worked for the unity of Nigeria, nonetheless, they also explored the same model of regional bloc development to advance the cause of their regions during the respective reigns as premiers.

Unfortunately,, today in the SW politics, Governor Rotimi Akeredolu has a different agenda. He has a evolved a different of continually making spirited efforts at disorganizing and destroying the fabric that binds SW states.

He has made several clandestine and open attempts to dismember Ondo state from the SW bloc.

Except recently in Amotekun security arrangement (because he’d no choice), the governor has chosen to operate as a lone ranger in the SW, preferring to sing a discordant tune, away from his counterparts in the zone, in most of the policy that concern the geo political zone.

Unexpectedly, the governor has been generally insolent and disrespectful to the leadership of APC in the zone. Since his inauguration as governor, he has elected to utilize political & economic for a platform to continually disparage and embarrass zone APC leadership and more often, boasting that he owes allegiance to no one and that nobody can subject him to control, especially, with respect to his ideological beliefs.

In most occasions, he has grandstand, that the party could as well keep their second term and that he’s indeed comfortable with term in office.

Nigerian vividly recall how the collaborated with Saraki led NASS during President Buhari first term in office to frustrate all bills purposed to advance the cause of SW, a more calculated and deliberate design to undermine and generally decimate the influence of party leadership in the zone.

We are also not oblivious of the collaboration of the governor with the then Aso Villa cabal and some disgruntled elements in the governors’ to always pitch the SW leadership of the party with the presidency.

The governor and his ilk were the arrowhead, both in supplying logistics, as well as funding in the recently botched attempt to truncate the tenure of chairman of the party, Adams Oshiomole, a move vehemently opposed by Asiwaju and other zonal leaders.

As SW bloc of the party earnestly await the nods & supports of the nation political class, leaders of thoughts, as well as major stakeholders in the political sphere across the country for her bid to present presidential candidate of the zone descent for the 2023 general election, it would be dangerous & most suicidal for the zone to have in her midst, an incorrigible, uncooperative and disloyal governor who does not share the vision & dream, aspiration, beliefs and ideals of the zone.

In conduct, deeds, pronouncements and general dealings, the governor has eloquently proved that he’s never with Yorubas. We exercise no doubt that Akleredolu will trade the zone’s presidency when the chips are down.

More importantly, the governor appears hindered by his physical frame which in all respects looks very fragile and vulnerable to further withstand the onerous tasks and very demanding responsibilities the office of the governor entails.

Therefore as the governorship election in Ondo state draws closer, this is an auspicious time for the zonal leadership, well-meaning Yorubas and other major stakeholders to collaborate with the sole objective to mobilize resources against the governor re-election. Ondo state, just like any other Yoruba state is blessed with very vibrant political class comprises of men of immense political pedigree and experience, and more importantly, men who believe in Yoruba cause.

Ajayi Borrofice, Tayo Abraham etc are all men of valour, honour and dignity whose names readily come to one’s mind.  Any of them has the capacity & capability and could conveniently step into governor office comes September 2023. In the SW  quest for the nation leadership, Ondo state is too strategic and sensitive to be entrusted onto the hands of Akeredolu to manage. He will surely disappoint us!
























































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