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7 Facts About Orange Is The New Black


orange is the new black

The household crazy series; Orange is the new Black, is an American comedy-drama making waves amongst other series. The series already has 3 seasons and has proposed the release of the 4th one in 2016.

Here are a few facts about the story:


  1. Crazy eyes (Suzzane) is a Nigerian and was supposed to feature in just 2 episodes. Uzo Aduba was asked to stay on for more episodes by the producer on her last day of shooting.
  2. The man who was the head of drug smuggling in the real life story that was used to make the series was never able to be extradited to stand trial. He was elected senator of Ogun in Nigeria.
  3. Lavern Cox’s twin brother, M. Lamar plays Sophia (the transsexual) in her flashback, which was before the surgery.
  4. The scar Nikky has is real. Natasha Lyonne got a scar from open heart surgery after having a bacterial infection from drug use in 2012 just like her character.
  5. The corrections officer, John Bennet (Matt McGorry) used to be a professional body builder and personal trainer. He is a nationally ranked dead lifter and is one of the hottest trainers in America! McGorry put his gym obsession lifestyle to the side to pursue his acting career.
  6. This is the real Piper and Larry

piper and larry

  1. Lorriane Toussaint (Vee), Danielle Brooks (Taystee) and Samira Wiley are Julliard graduates. The latter two were only a year apart and knew each other in school.

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