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Oritsejafor Has Killed CAN; He Should Resign, Says Prophet Olagunju


Prophet Wale Olagunju is the Founder and Spiritual Head of Divine Seed of God Chapel Ministry, Alfonso, Shasha, Ibadan. He spoke with journalists on why Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) should be reorganized, his prediction on the last election, the fall of the PDP, Senator Rashidi Ladoja’s Governorship Petition and other national issues. TOYESE OLADEJO presents the excerpts…

Inspiration for his predictions

My prophecies are directly from the living God. The Almighty God revealed those things to me and I have no choice than to let it out to the people of God.

On Victory of Muhammadu Buhari at the polls

I can tell you without any reservations that Nigeria is safe with President Buhari. He would surely improve our society and deal with corrupt people, who have plunged our dear country into economic and social crises.

His castigation by some Christian leaders on Buhari’s victory prediction

You know some so called Christian leaders have sold their conscience to mammon. They can’t see or receive anything from God because they lived by mouth. When I predicted that General Buhari would win, they descended on me, calling me all sorts of names. They are a huge disgrace to the pulpit and they misrepresented God because of what they would eat. Where were these greedy men of God when Doyin Okupe likened Jonathan to Jesus Christ. They couldn’t caution him because they have sold their pride for pecuniary gains. The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) is corrupt and self-serving. Ayo Oritsejafor has killed CAN. He was alleged to have collected N7 billion from Jonathan and they were going all over the place to sing his (jonathan’s) praise when the Most High God had deserted them. I have since 2014 predicted that Jonathan would lose and Buhari is our next president and they swarmed on me, calling me all sorts of names. Here we are now, who is a fake prophet?  They were running over themselves to visit and collect money from Jonathan. I want to use this moment to commend Mr. Femi Adesina of The Sun newspapers for doing a post mortem of the various predictions in his write up, where he chronicled the various  predictions and gave a clean bill of health to me and a very few other pastors. They recruited over 3,000 pastors together with Bishop Oyedepo and Keneth Opara on a show off. CAN has been destroyed and torn into pieces. Oritsejafor should resign now. He should throw in the towel for his monumental failures. Even in Oyo State, the CAN we have is part of them. I want to call on Pa Okogie, Onaiyekan, Okonkwo and other God-minded leaders to revamp CAN. Religious leaders should be men of honour and integrity. These men of God who are distinguished should come over to serve the body.

On Oyo Election Petition’s tribunal

Ladoja cannot come out of it victorious except, he clears the spell cast on him by late Chief Adedibu. Ladoja was cursed by Adedibu and the curse is still on him. I predicted him and Ayodele Fayose, Ladoja should be the political godfather in the state after Adedibu, but he was very greedy. He ought to allow the younger ones to govern the state. The tribunal case of Ladoja would come to naught except he clears the spell on him by Baba Lamidi Adedibu.

Taxation of churches

Churches should not be paying taxes, but would you blame those calling on government to collect taxes from churches. The acts and behaviour of some pastors and self-acclaimed men of God is questionable. I am even ashamed of calling myself prophet. Ninety five percent of those self-acclaimed men of God are fake. They are not Christians. I can tell you that we need a new Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN). However, churches should not pay tax as church members in their various vocations do pay taxes; churches are pure places of worship and nothing more.


PDP is dead and no more. I have predicted the death of PDP since 2014. The big umbrella has been torn to pieces. The death of PDP was quickened by Jonathan, who was so lawless. Obasanjo, who assisted him, became his enemy and, this is why he failed. The six years of Jonathan in the country was a monumental disaster, he completely destroyed the country. PDP cannot come back again. They may fuse with willing parties but for the PDP, it is completely dead.

Advice to Nigerians

They should be patient with Buhari and allow him to do his best for Nigeria. Buhari too is not the ‘’messiah’’ because the hawks in the APC would not allow him to do his best. He needs our prayers to succeed. Nigerians should be patient with him, he has good intentions.


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