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Oshiomhole Blasts Jonathan, PDP over Economic Woes

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Agene AKHERE, Benin

Edo State Governor, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole Friday,took a swipe at the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)-led federal government over what he describes as its ‘insensitive’ nature to the plight of Nigerians

This is just as the former minister of works,Engr.Chris Ogiemwonyi, who formerly dumped the PDP for the All Progressive Congress (APC), said the FG was not sincere about plans to generate power supply

Governor Oshiomhole, who spoke at the reception organised by the founder of Ogiemwonyi Solidarity Movement on the occasion of his formal declaration for the APC at the Urhokpota Hall in Benin, said the FG has subjected Nigerians to an untoward abject poverty through the introduction of austerity measures.

He pointed out that the effects of the menace have swept off many buildings and properties while several lives had been lost in the process even when huge sums meant to deal with the erosion ended up in the private pockets of the party leaders.

The governor regretted that the people of the state voted wrongly for President Jonathan during the last polls and vowed that the 2015 elections would serve as an opportunity to punish the PDP and its leaders for bad governance hence for them to vote for the APC for the needed change that would address the myriads of problems confronting the nation.

According to him: “If anybody imagines what has happened in this state in six years then you can calculate how much they stole from the treasury of this state and how many miles they set us back in terms of where we are supposed to be. And that is why when the President came here to say that Edo will fall, I said well, well, who is speaking.

“Can a man who is on the ground spit on man who is on his feet? PDP has already fallen and buried in Edo State many, many years ago. Yes in the last election we asked our people to vote on the basis of certain sentiments and the PDP at the Presidential level won 95 percent of the votes.

“But now Edo people are asking; what do we have to show for it? Edo erosion caused by PDP at Queen Ede has destroyed the school built for Edo child; Queen Ede erosion destroyed the Catholic Church, it has destroyed several houses and killed many of our people. Federal PDP shared money to PDP states including where the President lots election”.

He added: “They did not give one dime to the people of Edo State. Our cry is because we voted wrongly. In Auchi erosion has swept away more than 50 percent of the houses and killed several others. They shared the ecology money, they give no kobo to the people of Auchi; in Esan Central and Esan West, erosion has destroyed a number of communities. PDP produced leaders from Esanland, they did not bring one dime to deal with the erosion in Esanland but they gave money to Delta, Cross River, Bayelsa, Niger, Jigawa and Kaduna; what is our offence; because we voted wrongly.”

Oshiomhole commended Engr Ogienwonyi and others for the courage to join the party and urged the former minister to bring on board the rich tradition of service and industry into the party.

“We need to filter out those who represent the forces of darkness and politics of share the money to those as you rightly say who believe in the politics o developing the state and uplift the people.

He said: “Because PDP died in sin and you know the sin; they killed, they embezzled our money, the dehumanized our people. They enveloped Benin with flood and convert our young ones to prostitution. And reduced Edo from the Heart Beat to a part of the country that was now remembered only by reference to a very negative headline, and like the Edionwere of Benin kingdom said the amount of reparation which PDP has to do to this generation of Edo people, it will take them more a hundred years to do”.

Giving reasons for his defection to the APC alongside over 2,000 of his supporters, Ogiemwonyi said: “My decision to have a transition from the PDP to APC today is informed based on some other factors, notably the leadership style of Governor Oshiomhole. I always believe that once the head is good there is high probability that the body will be good. But once the head is not too straight there is high probability that the body will not perform well. I am pleased with the type of leadership that I see among the APC people. I see very refined people. I see Oshiomhole doing what he speaks, no double standard, hard working, focused, smart.

“And at the center the APC again, look at the National Chairman of APC today, a fantastic super secretary. I see APC as people I can work with.”


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