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Osun APC Warns Group Not To Set State On Fire


By Deborah Oladejo, Osogbo

All Progressives Congress (APC) in Osun State, has cautioned the splinter group within it, The Osun Progressives (TOP) not to use their selfish ambition to put the state on fire.

The party stated that the aim of the group’s protest was to get a leverage for a single person, advising the group to decide whether it wants to be part of the progress in Osun and the progressive party or to heat up the polity and pull down every good thing the party stands for.

Addressing a press conference at the APC secretariat in Osogbo on Tuesday, Chairman of the party, Prince Gboyega Famodun said if TOP really wants reconciliation, it would withdraw the cases against the party in court.

He said: “TOP is nothing more than just a club of rabble rousers, whose main objective is to disrupt the peace of Osun, put the state in bad light and create the impression that all is not well with the APC in the state.”

Famodun further said that the so-called leaders of the group had assured their poor gullible followers that their lifeless, laughable case in court would make them ‘King of the Osun manor’.

He said the TOP leaders had bragged that their little meetings they called a parallel congress will be ratified in Abuja and Mr Rasak Salinsile will become the party’s chairman in Osun.

“They need to confess what they stand to gain by hiding their own children in Lagos while they promised other people’s children and wards peanuts to go do evil things. And when that arrangement in Ikirun went bad, they quickly started pointing accusing fingers at everybody.

“They should tell us how much they promised the gang they recruited and why they reneged on the agreement. Why did they not pay the gang they hired to cause mayhem? Why did they think those boys will not ask for ‘their balance’? Why did they think the Osun Police Command will not round up the perpetrators?

“If their little minds were not so focused on little things, they would have noticed that keeping Osun safe is not what Governor Gboyega Oyetola takes lightly. Miscreants, young or old, will not be allowed to set up shop anywhere in Osun,” he added.

Famodun stated that the governor has no reason to unleash mayhem on his own state; a state reputed for peace and that the party has no reason to disrupt any meeting or deploy trouble-makers, noting that lines have fallen for them in pleasant places.

The APC chairman called on the security agencies to keep an eye on TOP and its members whom he said are ‘running wild’.


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