By Yomi Obaditan


The National Chairman of PDP Alhaji Adamu Mua’zu’s zeal is for his party to capture the states in Nigeria into his party if it is possible. But if wishes were horses, beggers will ride. The PDP has been ruling in the last 15 years, but a fair assessment of the state of things reveals that the nation is worse than when the PDP took over the mantle of leadership. The fact of the matter is that our nation is making more sales in our monolithic product -oil. In the past 4 years, oil price in the world market has not gone below100 dollars per barrel. But the oil wealth is not in anyway reflected in the standard of living of Nigeria except in the privileged few, who have been milking the nation dry.

The good news from the Federal Government is that our GDP has improved from $283 billion to $510 billion, which it claimed has catapulted Nigeria to the biggest economy in Africa and among the best 26 economies of the world. However, this rising profile of our nation has no bearing on people lives. The hospitals remained mere clinics; roads are death traps. The tertiary institutions are glorified secondary schools whose products could hardly write correct sentences or paragraphs. The porous security system leads many to their early graves. And the irony- the PDP obsession remains.

Alhaji Mua’zu’s statement that “it is difficult but possible for Senator Iyiola Omisore to lead the PDP to victory in the August 9 governorship election” in Osun is to say the least a wishful thinking. The choice of Omisore to lead the PDP is as misguided as it is preposterous.  It will be a herculean task for such a candidate to defeat a working and visionary Rauf Aregbesola. Unfortunately, Omisore’s candidature is an albatross for the PDP, and an advantage for the incumbent. It is said that,”Omisore is the antithesis of Governor Aregbesola in every material particular.” The achievements of the governor that have placed the state among the best in Nigeria, which has earned not only the governor several laurels within and outside Nigeria, but also the state, are all that Omisore will reverse as soon as he is voted into power. The only promise he made so far is to engage 300, 000 graduates and pay them N75, 000 per month. He has forgotten that the state monthly allocation about a year ago was N4.6 billion has since dropped to N2.9 billion. This is how unserious a governorship candidate can be- living a lie.

The PDP governorship candidate said he would have nothing to do with OYES Scheme, promising to scrap it if voted into power because the scheme is unfit for unemployed graduates. And you want to ask which job did he use his (mis)Appropriation Committee in the Senate to create in this country including Osun for 8 years. In the PDP, everything is power without more. Omisore has failed to realise that power without responsibility is unacceptable in a democratic system. The people are much more interested in dividends of democracy.

Aregbesola is being celebrated by the majority of the people of the state today because he has positively impacted on the lives of the people irrespective of their religion, party affiliation and social status. This administration can boldly declare that there is no family or household in the State of Osun that has not benefited from this government in one way or the other. Is it from the road infrastructure? Is it from the Agba Osun scheme?  Is it from school feeding of children? Is it about floodless Osun? Is it about support for tertiary institutions? Is it about the award-wining Opon Imo?  The visionary Aregbesola has done well for his people.

Former governor of Abia State said while on a visit to Osun: “I am still a member of the PDP, but what I have heard and seen about Aregbesola the governor made me to come out in the open to support the good work he is doing in this state.” Kalu’s friend Senator Emmanuel Onwe also averred that “with what I have seen in Osun, I have come to the conclusion that the PDP has nothing to offer in this state.” The former Inspector of Police Mike Okiro as well as the American Ambassador told the world that Osun is secure for investors. Comrade Uche Chukwumerije the Senate Chairman on Education Committee on a visit to the state invited other states to come and copy Aregbesola’s reform in the education sector. The lawlessness associated with the PDP while in office between 2003 and 2010 was evident in the case of one Toyin Ajakaye a 17-year -old-girl who was allegedly raped in the house of a PDP leader in Ilesha. The violation of Toyin caused a lot of emotional outburst by men and women of goodwill across Nigeria. The incumbent Governor Aregbesola undertook the medical treatment of the rape victim. He financed the medical bills and rehabilitated her. The people will not want the state to degenerate to the precipice again. The attack on Oranmiyan Secretariat of the AC is still fresh in the memories of the people for no just cause. The present government has refused to revenge all the atrocities committed by the PDP during their reign. No one has been persecuted for the ignoble roles they played in the past till date. Billboards were vandalised by the power-that-be, but Omisore and other aspirants’ billboards are standing today all over the state, all because Aregbesola is a stateman. His statesmanship is the reflection of the cordiality and peaceful coexistence among the people.

While Omisore was deputy governor in the state, his character robbed him of the chance of governing the state. He was impatient and overambitious, which led to his removal. The question to be addressed by Omisore and his supporters is what was his achievement while in office as deputy governor? How many lives did he touch while in power?  Omisore became a senator representing the state. Which bill did he sponsor? What project did he influence to the state? The Osogbo-Kwara road that the administration of Aregbesola is dualising currently with state fund and yet, Omisore is falsely claiming that to be his achievement while he was in the Senate. Alhaji Mua’zu will be helping his party by asking Omisore if he was once minister of works? Mua’zu will also need to find out from Omisore the name of the contractor that he awarded the road contract to and at what price? His lies can’t go far because the people of the state are too intelligent to be deceived. Truth is Aregbesola has nothing to fear over his reelection. His numerous works will speak for him. OYES, O’SCHOOL, O ‘MEAL O’ AGRIC, O’HEALTH, O’REHAB, O’ROADS and several other areas that have made the state to have been acknowledged as the least poverty index state, least among the state with unemployment rate, best and most financially prudent state in Nigeria, eight fast developing economy.

It is important for the PDP to know that they are dealing with people that appreciate the numerous changes that have taken place in the state and had transformed their lives for better. The various construction works and several investors in the state from Omoluabi Garments Industry to the Adulawo Electronic Company have positively impacted on the economy of the state. Will the people jettison the party and the leader that have improved their lives at election? I leave the question for Mua’zu and Omisore and their followers to answer. Omisore still has questions to answer on the death of Bola Ige; the family, the followers and the people of the state are still waiting to know who the killer of Bola Ige is. Omisore might have been discharged by the human court, but how about his conscience? There are three judgments every man tends to face sooner or later. There is the judgment of human court, there is the judgment of the conscience, and the last, which is not the least, is the judgment of God, which those who have evaded the two other judgments cannot escape because God is the ultimate judge of mankind.


*Obaditan writes from Osogbo, Osun State


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