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Osun PDP: Suspended Chairman, Tackles SWC on Allegation of Misappropriation of Fund


By Deborah Oladejo, Osogbo

The suspended Chairman of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP), in Osun State, Hon Soji Adagunodo has described as baseless the allegation of financial mismanagement leveled against him by Elder Sunday Atidade led Acting Chairman of the party.

Adagunodo who warned the leadership of the party to desist from cheap lies against his character.

Reacting in a statement titled “Osun PDP and Diversionary tactics designed to prop up a baseless, failed petition”, Adagunodo said he did not expect the caliber of the Acting Chairman who he said was part of the decision making body of the party to have come up with such appalling allegation.

He also wondered how members of State Working Committee who were also part of the decision-makers then would still embark in what he described as “show of shame” saying if he had chosen to expose what they were trying to cover up, the credibility of the party would have suffered severe damage.

The suspended chairman, however, denied receiving any letter or notification from either the party or any auditing firm demanding explanation of any financial records.

His words: “It is funny that Mr Sunday Akanfe Atidade who is supposed to be above the board cannot get himself to realise the basic principles of life, that when you persecute people you always rouse them to be strong and stronger. He always sat by my side during most party meetings, deliberations and decisions. That he is the one that has now turned around, since the beginning of the unfortunate turn of events in the party, to be a major actor in these festering hostilities is appalling, disappointing, unfortunate and unexpected of someone of his status.

“One wonders at what quality of auditor, worth his salt, would not be specific about quoted figures. Besides, is it possible that the said auditor was hired and completed his hatchet assignment if he did any at all, within 24 hours and as such could not provide exact figures? Whatever the case maybe, why were the figures not stated anywhere in the body of the Press Conference addressed by Mr Sunday Akanfe Atidade?

“If the claims actually exist, best practice procedures, if it was not designed to achieve predetermined mudslinging and smearing goals, would involve primary and secondary books of accounting. These books should be in the custody of officers constitutionally empowered to keep them. In addition, best practice procedures also demand that the Auditor seeks explanations at least from me, if he finds it too tedious to do a thorough job, before coming up with the indicting resolutions noted by Mr Atidade.

“It is interesting that at this juncture, the whole of the State Working Committee feigns ignorance of all the expenses of the party that we executed between the 25th March, 2018, when we were inaugurated, and October 6th 2018. This was the period fund was raised and expenditures incurred. Let me state unequivocally that between then and when I was told to step aside on April 30 2020, I was the major financier of the Party.

“In this light, it is more than funny and ridiculous seeing the Atidade-led State Working Committee members that were fully part of all the decisions taken turning around, feigning ignorance of how these expenses were incurred.

“Whereas, proceeds from the sales of forms, including payments for delegate forms, were all remitted to the National headquarters of the party, all expenses and incomes were targeted at carrying out the party programs, including those mentioned above.

“Furthermore, one hundred and thirty thousand party membership Cards,  copies of the Party Constitution and ward registers that were also purchased and distributed free of charge to the wards are also known to all. How convenient was it for Atidade-led SWC members to claim ignorance of all these expenses?

“It is now very clear that the Acting Chairman is extremely culpable in the ongoing crises  in the Osun State PDP maybe because he is also from Ede. . I could be wrong but I want to believe that other executive members are still not and cannot be part of the shameful act.

“This is actually becoming extremely laughable and a serious joke taken too far. It might not be palatable for the Party. I hope the founding fathers, pioneer members and leadership of the Party will salvage the situation from those who are hell-bent on destroying our Party because of personal motives and agenda,” he added.



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