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Women Group Supports Calls For O’odua Republic


By Richard Thomas, Ibadan

The O’odua Women Advocacy Initiative (OWAI) has joined other notable groups in Nigeria calling for the actualisation of O’odua Republic.

The group, in a statement by its president, Erelu Modupe Martins, said the call for self-determination became imperative owing to the systemic failures of the present government in various sectors.

Martins insisted that the situation in the country had reached a point where there is no better option for the group than to seek the actualisation of the much needed and well pronounced O’odua Republic.

The OWAI boss also pointed out that the group had earlier sought the need for restructuring, OWAI.

She, however, blamed the Federal Government’s insincerity in the administration of the country.

“With the present situation in the country, we don’t need a soothsayer to tell us that Nigeria had for a very long time drifted from the original plans of its founding fathers.

“Our economy is in distress, while the FG keeps borrowing billions of dollars with nothing to show for it. The security situation in the country is highly disturbing with Boko Haram and bandits taken over the North, as criminals and killer herdsmen have also taken over the south and the entire nation.

“The political milieu has been monetized along political and social lines. Many of our politicians today are selfish and they have mortgaged the future of the country. So what do you expect? People like us, women of great conviction have raised our voices against injustice done to the Yoruba nation.

“We had earlier sought restructuring, but with the situation in the country today, we have made up our mind and have  decided to give our all to clamour for self-determination and the actualisation of O’odua Republic ,” she said.

The women leader maintained also that the group has its members and branches in all the states in the country, adding that Nigeria is at a crossroads.



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