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Oyo APC calls for enquiry, investigation of Ibadan violence


Oyo APC calls for enquiry, investigation of
Ibadan violence
The All Progressives Congress (APC), Oyo State
chapter, has called for a public enquiry and
high-powered investigation into the violence
that occurred in Ibadan on the last lap of its
meet-the-people tour of the 33 local
governments where a policeman was killed and
some other people injured.
This was contained in a release issued by the
APC State Director of Publicity, Wale Shadare.
The party spoke against the backdrop of an
earlier statement from it which accused the
opposition parties in the state of masterminding
the violence in order to invalidate the
government’s claim to having brought peace
and security in the state in the last three and
half years of being in office.
The APC said that all evidences at its disposal
pointed at a high-level gang-up by some
politicians currently at large to embarrass its
party-led government and destroy the three and
half years of peace that had been reigning in
the state.
“We still insist that the persons behind that
violence were carrying out a high-level
assignment which has to do with the 2015
elections. The violence betrays logic. Why would
APC ‘thugs’, if the allegation of the opposition is
to be believed, be involved in shooting the
police and not their rival groups? Why did the
fomenters of the violence choose the
governor’s local government and the last day of
his meet-the-people tour, as their target?” the
statement asked.
The APC said it found it odd that for three and
half years of the government of the APC, no
single act of thuggery or violence ever took
place in the state, only for this orchestrated
violence to take place at the twilight of the
party’s first term of office.
“Our greatest achievement as a party-led
government is peace and tranquility. We have
changed Oyo State from the days of the PDP-
led violence and gangsterism where thugs shot
and killed indiscriminately. It beats normal
reasoning that we would successfully institute a
peaceful state in three and half years, only to
invent thugs whom the world knows have no
place in our government and unleash them on
the police. We insist that some highly-placed
persons are behind this violence,” said the APC.
While calling on the police and security
agencies to thoroughly investigate the violence,
the APC maintained that it stands against reason
for any of its members to carry guns, not to
talk of shooting the police.
“This violence is in tune with the
character of the opposition, especially the
Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and its side-
kick, Accord Party. If you check the party’s
pedigree of violence and bloodshed and
juxtapose it with our three and half years of
calm that has reigned in Oyo State, it will occur
to you that the violence of Friday was out of
tune with our party’s character. The police
know which lead to follow,” said the APC.
While stating that a release ascribed to the
Accord Party which claimed that Governor
Abiola Ajimobi jetted out of the country
immediately the violence happened, the party
attributes it to the misleading propaganda of
the party which “is of same umbilical chord
with the PDP.”
“On Saturday, the second day of the violence,
Governor Ajimobi attended the grand finale of
the Ibadan Week organized by the Ibadan
Central Council; he was also at the wedding
ceremony of the daughter of the former NBA
Chairman, Mr. Akeredolu Ale. We are used to
their broth of lies,” said the APC.

Akin Oke
Oyo APC Chairman


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