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Ibadan Strange Death: Police Empower Scavenger


By Adeola Oladele, Ibadan

Two dead bodies were discovered on Wednesday at House 13, Cele Close, Agbowo, Ibadan. The cause of their deaths was not immediately known but their neighbours said it might be due to malnutrition.

But on Thursday, the Oyo State Commissioner of Police Mohammed Katsina visited the house and exhibited uncommon love to the family by donating a brand new motorcycle and food items to the head of the family, Mr. Adekunle Ayoola, 20, a scavenger, whose wife, Chineye, 20, lost her son and younger sister as a result of poverty and malnutrition.

WESTERN POST Correspondent who was on the entourage of the Commissioner of Police to the scene of the incident at Agbowo area of Ibadan, where the items were donated reports that Mr. Katsina, who presented the items to the family at House 13, Cele Close, Agbowo, Ibadan, said the command took the steps to rehabilitate the breadwinner of the family so that he would not take to crime.

A three-year- old Monanchi Madaugo, whom Adekunle’s wife had for another man before she married him, died on Wednesday.

The child was said to have fallen sick for a long time but there was no money to take care of him. The cleric, Most Superior Evangelist Tosin Otakoya, whom Ayoola ran to, to inform of the development stated that he (Ayoola) rushed to meet him on Wednesday morning to tell him that the child his wife gave birth to before she married him had died.

According to him, he advised him to report the case to the police, saying he told him not to bury the child because he is not his father.

He disclosed further that they went to Kajorepo Police Station near the place to report the matter and the Divisional Police Officer and her team followed Ayoola to his house to assess the situation.

On getting home, they met a younger sister of Adekunle’s wife, a 16-year-old Amarachi Ukoha, also already dead.

She had complained of stomach ache on Tuesday. Chineye Ayoola, who stated that she relocated from Imo State to Ibadan in December 2014, said her younger sister was vomiting and stooling on Wednesday morning.

But she bought energy drink for her so that she could regain her lost strength before they went to the police station.

WP, however, learnt that the only child Chineye has for Ayoola, Bashit, who is seven months old, is still alive.

The police commissioner, who went to Ayoola’s house with the officials of the Post-Trauma Counselling Unit of the Police Command, that assessed the state of health of the family, and promised immediate free medical care to the family.

In a chat with newsmen, Katsina said the police’s job is not only about taking guns, chasing criminals and parading them alone, adding that if help did not come the way of Ayoola in time, he could possibly take to crime.

“Our coming here is symbolic. It is one more attempt to ensure that this one step that is required for this gentleman to move into the world of crime is blocked by giving him assurance and hope. With this motorcycle, I am sure that he will make money to buy drugs, food and attend to other needs of the family,” Katsina said.


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