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Oyo Deputy Speaker, Fadeyi Clears Air on Anti Grazing Bill

…Says Legislative synergy ‘ll promote Makinde’s policies
By Richard Thomas, Ibadan

The Deputy Speaker, Oyo State House of Assembly, Honourable Abiodun Mohammed Fadeyi has again cleared the air that the Anti open rearing and open grazing  Bill currently at the second reading in the state Assembly is not to witch haunt  anyone in the state but simply for the development and growth of the agricultural sector of the state.

In this exclusive interview  with WesternPost News, the astute politician,  Hon. Fadeyi spoke on the quality role the state Assembly has been playing in the current Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) administration since it was inaugurated and  the working  synergy between  the legislative and executive arms of government to transform the state.
The State House of Assembly will be a hundred days in office  in a couple of weeks, how many Bills have you put in place for the progress of the people and the state?
Yes, the hundred days of the executive is what we are looking at by next week all things being equally. The hundred days of the   legislative arm of government is within the corner as well, but not next week. But in the last two and half months or there about, I want to say that the legislative arm of government has performed wonderfully well in the sense that what we met on ground when we were sworn in as legislators was encouraging and we need to build on it as legislative arm of government.
Now, talking of Bills, so far so good, most of the Bills passed especially that of creation of new ministries in respect to the demand of the executive governor of Oyo State Engr. Seyi Makinde was passed, some were amended, almost about 17 or there about.
New ministries were created, Energy Ministry was a new one created and it takes the act of the parliament to do that. Another germaine Bill that has passed  the second reading  in the Assembly, waiting for public hearing is that of the anti open grazing and open rearing Bill, it has been committed to the committee. The Bill is coming at a time we are facing a lot of security issues that have to do with open grazing and rearing of animals like cows openly, that was what necessitated the Bill in the first place.
We equally have other executive Bills like the Investment Agency Bill, the Anti Graft Agency Bill for Oyo State and so on. All these Bills have passed second reading awaiting public hearing for the third reading. So far so good, the state Assembly I will say has performed wonderfully well from inception till date.
There are insinuations that some Fulanis  were saying that the Anti Open Rearing Bill is to witch haunt them in Oyo  state,  how would you react to this?
My take on this is that they are miss informed. I will say that they need  to seek knowledge. I was interviewed on BCOS TV on this same issue and I said to them that the Anti Grazing Bill  is not a tribal Bill, neither is it against any tribe, colour or creed as the case may be.
The Bill is simply for the development and growth of the agricultural sector of the state in terms of animal husbandry and what have you. So, if anybody is saying that the Bill is anti-tribe or anti-fulani that person is miss informed, he needs to check himself. Now, if you go up to the North, they have sharia law they are using , are  the people  from the South  West  and South East living in the North not abiding with the sharia law?  They have to abide by the law because it is a state law. So, why would somebody say that the anti grazing law is anti Fulani? That’s why I said  they are miss informed.
Another good example in the North is when they tell people that beer is not allowed to  be taken in certain areas, the people have no choice than to abide by the law. And when it comes to VAT sharing, the people from the South West and South East respond promptly to the task, so who is fooling who? So, they should not be deceived or  have   any fear, the Bill is simply  for the development of our agricultural sector in terms of animal husbandry and others. That’s my take on that.
What’s your  advise for the state governor in his quest to move the state forward to enviable height? 
As for the Governor, i want to say that he has started well and I want to wish him all the best. I believe he will take Oyo state to greater height. Some of the policies he has put in place so far have been very encouraging and we believe there are better days ahead for Oyo State. The last Ileya festival  has clearly  shown that things can get  better. For the first time people smiled because salaries were paid as at when it was due, on 23rd and 25th since the inception of this administration. To me, this is  a landmark achievement, the other one is that the he has been  consulting far and wide so that by the time he takes off  he is going to be on a sound footing. The people of  Oyo State should be rest assured that the government is determined to do  more especially  in the agric and investment sectors.
Recently, the Governor has been going round to see moribund industries in Oyo State that have been abandoned some 20 years back. A good example is Agbowo Shopping Complex, the Cashew processing industry and others. There are clear indications that he knows what he is doing, and regarding the legislative arm of government,  we are poised to make and pass laws that will make the people of Oyo State feel the good impact of governance. The legislative arm of government will partner with the executive at ensuring that  executive Bills brought before us get expedient passage,  because without the input of the legislative arm of  government, the executive cannot move forward. So it is a synergy so to say and we are poised to do that.

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