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Pan-Yoruba Group Seeks New Political Party

By Akinjide Johnson
The people of the South-west Nigeria have been told to work for a new political party that derives her strength from the values and civilization of the Yoruba people.
According to the pan-Yoruba group, the current leadership of the All Progressives Congress, (APC) has been hijacked by Fulani oligarchy is to turn Nigeria into a private fiefdom.
Bola Tinubu Says PDP Government Policies Prolonged Hardship
Bola Tinubu

The APC we predicted will be subservient to Fulani domination. We have a people that is neither used to the culture of sharing power nor the tenets of participatory democracy. They want a country that is an extension of Uthman Dan Fodio and nothing more. This has been at the heart of the Nigerian crisis since 1804 when the brutal Jihad was launched to take over Nigeria and turn her into a slave camp, Oodua Nationalist Coalition, (ONAC) stated in a statement made available to Irohinoodua.

The group said that the trial of the late Chief Obafemi Awolowo and the consequent civil war (1967-70) were the direct consequences of the Fulani intransigence of turning ethnic groups against each other using protégé within the same ethnic group which they always wish to destroy and vanquish.
In a statement on Tuesday, the Oodua Nationalist Coalition, (ONAC) said the current face off between Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu and a section of the APC leadership merely reflects the inherent historical contradictions in Nigeria and a clear demonstration of the primordial irreconcilable differences underlying the country’s political history, ONAC said in a statement signed by the group’s Political Secretary, Dr Suleiman  Odetunde. The group said eventhough it disagrees with Tinubu on his tactics, the Yoruba people will be mobilized to defend him from hawks that are bent on splitting his blood.
“We warn them that this is not 1966. The resistance against any attempt to kill Yoruba leaders will be swift, total and decisive,” ONAC stated.
The group said the underdevelopment of Nigeria, the grim poverty, corruption, terrorism and misgovernance that have emerged as new ways of doing things, were policies associated with Fulani rule all over the world, and orchestrated by them to meet the dream and aspirations of the Fulani who have been ruling Nigeria either directly or by proxy since the country’s independence in 1960.
“What we have today is a country in a total mess. A country bleeding and hopeless. It has become a national culture. This has been the legacy of the Fulani anywhere they have the opportunity to administer any territory. It is a retrogressive race that thrives on intrigues and mental perversion.”
“For some people without a deep sense of history, it is a conflict between Tinubu and Chief Oyegun. But to many of us who have a richer understanding, this is the signpost of a Taliban culture that rejects a plural society and detests democracy in its entire form. They hate the guts of the people of the South and the middle belt. They hate the civilization of the people of the South and the middle belt. That is why the only alliance the Fulani North tolerates is the treaty that makes the Fulani the permanent senior partner and the other a permanent stooge and slave.”
ONAC said since the emergence of President Mohammadu Buhari’s regime, the Fulani North has seen a golden opportunity to reclaim Nigeria and determine the country’s future. They need to put their surrogates everywhere to achieve this aim. This was clear in the choice of Ministers which are all loyal to the small, primitive Fulani cabal that surrounds the president. “The President pretends that what is happening around him is strange, but in reality every step he had taken was clearly planned and executed with the primary motive of promoting Fulani domination over the rest of the country.”
ONAC stated “There cannot be a unified nation when there are inherent contradictions in values. Having mounted the throne through the alliance with the South West, it is not surprising that the Fulani oligarchy is desperate to control all the state machinery and call the shot in Nigeria. What is going on is a conscious attempt to weaken the South West and her leadership through the employment of surrogates. Once this feat is achieved, this alien tribe will take full control of Nigeria and her resources to the detriment to the indigenous peoples of Nigeria, whose grand parents were the original owners of the land and resources in this hemisphere.
The group said the Asiwaju group were ‘innocently naïve, too trusting’ but lacked a ‘deep sense of history’ not to understand the experiences of Nigeria in the hands of the Fulani North since the artificial country was made in 1914, adding that the only way out was for the Yoruba to have a political party of their own that will promote and defend the interest of the Yoruba people. ONAC said the Tinubu group was desperate for “change” without being patient to understand the content and form of the change. 

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