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Pandemonium at Iyana-Ipaja as KAI, LASTMA, Security Agents Confront Transporters


By Akin Akinremi


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Iyana Ipaja is a very busy bus stop along Lagos/Abeokuta Expressway. It opens to a big settlement in that part of Lagos. But on Wednesday afternoon, the area erupted in uproar as Lagos State government agencies namely KAI, LASTMA and security agencies like the police and army stormed Iyana-Ipaja Motor park to move against transporters.

They beat and arrested some of them and impounded their vehicles.

The incident, at the time WESTERN POST Correspondent got there, had gotten out of hand as motor park guys called ‘Agberos’ and miscreants gathered themselves together to ward off the attack by the government agencies. 

The agencies came in 20 different vehicles ranging from police patrol vans and cars that had the inscriptions like One-Way patrol.

There were also army land-rover with 8 masked men carrying guns, 8 KAI trucks from the task force and normal black maria vehicles where people who were molested and beaten were eventually locked up. 

WESTERN POST spoke with one of the team leader, an Ibo man who refused to give his name, on what the matter was that the Iyana-Ipaja Expressway was blocked, leading to a heavy traffic, he said the security agents came from Government House Alausa to come and clear the shanties and also tow vehicles blocking the expressway.

He said they had sent warning signals to the transporters but they refused to heed the warning. “So far, we have towed 10 vehicles. You can see, we came with 10 towing vehicles.  We really mean business,” he said.

Meanwhile, commuters were seen trekking to their various destinations because no vehicle can pass through from Adealu bus stop to Iyana-Ipaja.


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