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Passion Made Me to Start Bakery Business at 60, Says MD, Ollies


By Kolawole Olayinka, Abeokuta

The Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of Ollies, Patrick Olisemeka, has said that passion was what ignites his role to establish a bakery business at 60 years with no prior experience.

Olisemeka speaking with journalists said, “I’ve been a drycleaner, a banker and worked in several companies before I decided that it’s time for me to settle down and work for myself.

“I made a decision that whatever money I had left from pension, savings and others if it was put in the bank and I’m going to 70 and in the next five to 10 years, the money would have disappeared. So that was when i decided to invest it in something that can yield profit.

“Then, I decided to set up a bakery but I’ve never done this before. I decided to seek knowledge to learn how to bake and after that I start up my own personal baking business and I thank God because I wish I had done it all my life.

“I wish I had been an entrepreneur all my life because a lot of people makes it look like it so difficult to break in because they tell you if you don’t have capital you cannot start, no just have passion.

“I went to Honeywell baking school where they invite bakers all over Nigeria for two weeks in their training school in Apapa, all bakers come and participate and at my age I’m going to 70 I went to that competition and I came out 2nd overall in Nigeria which shows i have passion for baking.

“If you’re committed to what you’re doing you’ll surely succeed. There are a lot of young people who we are in the same class at Honeywell but I came 2nd in the class. It’s not because I’m intelligent, I don’t even have the energy to carry a bag of flour like them but I have passion in what I was doing.

” I’ve made up my mind because nobody sent me there, I decided I want to go and learn baking for my own good which shows I don’t need anybody to motivate me anymore. Passion is very important for young entrepreneurs,” he added

Olisemeka further speaks on nutritional properties for quality bread, he also explained the importance of adaptability in order for businesses to thrive in the food sector, particularly in light of the current global crisis.

Ollies is specialised several forms of entities; Ollies Chin Chin, Ollies Bakery, Ollies Cake, Ollies Pastries and the recently pronounced Ollies Baking School.




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