PDP Blasts Akeredolu Over Resignation Of 105 Doctors


    The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Ondo State has tackled Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu over the mass resignation of doctors in the state.

    The Nigerian Medical Association (NMA), had alleged recently that 105 doctors in the state have resigned in the last one year, owing to unpaid salaries.

    During a press conference on the state of the state on Thursday, the party Chairman, Alhaji Fatai Adams, reminded Akeredolu that under PDP, Ondo State was a medical tourism centre, and wondered while such feat has eroded the state under his watch.

    “Here in Ondo State, we are seriously alarmed by the unfortunate resignation of over 105 medical doctors from the Ondo State Government public service over the inability of the government to pay the medical personnel their salaries and hazard allowances as and when due.

    “Apart from the failure of government to pay, Governor Akeredolu unapologetically told the doctors in a widely televised program that the services of the doctors were not indispensable. Yet, Ondo State was the destination for medical tourism in the South west because of the first class service delivery found here under a PDP administration.

    “According to NMA records, no Medical House Officer has been employed by the Ondo State government since 2019, a situation that is responsible for poor services rendered in the hospitals. The few hands who are already overwhelmed and overstretched by the high number of patients coming for medical attention is just pathetic.

    “Our people are dying unattended to! This portends grave danger especially in a period when all manners of epidemic rear its ugly head,” Adams said.

    The PDP also berated Akeredolu for embarking on another Government House project, which is estimated at over N2billion.

    It said it is unheard of, that a government would be owing backlog of salaries and decided to embark on a new Government House.

    “The present administration of Akeredolu has a backlog of un-paid salaries of workers, it is proposing to build a N2billion new Government House in Akure. This is not only ridiculous but the surest evidence that the governor has completely lost direction.

    “Dr Olusegun Mimiko, Akeredeolu’s predecessor built a very befitting Government House, in 2013, shortly before Akeredolu assumed the reins of government. To spend N2billion of taxpayers money at this time is the height of callousness and wastefulness,” he added.

    The PDP asked Akeredolu what happened to the one built by Dr Olusegun Mimiko in 2013/

    “Has it become so uninhabitable such that a new one is inevitable in this perilous time?.

    “Considering the terrible economic situation and hunger in the land, is it proper or reasonable for a government to embark on a 2-billion naira project that will only serve very few individuals when millions of people are languishing in despicable penury and dying without basic healthcare service delivery.

    “But again, if a society is not fully informed of the atrocious and pernicious nature of the party in government, the people may always be cajoled or beguiled through a well-oiled and orchestrated propaganda machinery, into believing that the government is working in the interest of the people,” he said.

    The party, however, assured the people of Ondo State, that the good times they once savoured under a PDP Administration are almost here again.



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