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7 Quick Facts About Phyno



The indigenous rapper, Phyno, is the 4th amongst 5 children. Phyno grew up in the South eastern part of Niigeria.

 Here are a few quick facts about him;

  1. Real name; Chibuzor Nelson Azubuike, earned a lot of nicknames on the street; Baba Obago, Man of the year, Baba Ibo, Playmaker but his stage name “Phyno” was a nickname from Secondary School by his friend who thought he was outstanding (Phenomenal).
  2. Phyno who had plans to become a pilot eventually studied Public Administration at Institute of Management and Technology for the sake of the certificate. His father would have loved the certificate for a qualified Doctor though.
  3. His love for music grew in Secondary School where he would disturb the class with his learnt skills of drumming. He also learnt to play the piano.
  4. Music started paying Phyno off in his second year studying Public Administration as he had mastered the skills of music production.
  5. In 2010, the talented rapper tried his Mc talent and eventually started his rap career under the advice of Illbliss.
  6. Phyno decided to rap in Igbo because he believes music has no language and regardless of who is listening, clarity lies in the video of every song.
  7. The indigenous Igbo rapper loves black and wears shade all the time to hide his shyness.


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