…says attack was ploy to intimidate voters

Ekiti State Governor, Dr Kayode Fayemi has described Sunday’s police assault on his convoy as an attempted ploy to assassinate him.

The Governor, while speaking to journalists in Ado-Ekiti on Monday, said the deliberate attack by the men of the Mobile Police led by Gabriel Selekere, which led to the death of Taiwo Akinola, was an assault on the government and people of Ekiti State.

Dr. Fayemi, who disclosed that he was going to Abuja to take up the issue with President Goodluck Jonathan and the Inspector General of Police on the appropriate steps to be taken on the assault, expressed worry at the irresponsibility of the Police in handling the security of citizens.

He opined that the President and chiefs of security agencies in the country will not want the peace of Ekiti to be disturbed by any unruly behaviour on the path of law enforcement agents.

“I am still trying to understand what happened. My immediate interpretation is that there was an assault on the government and people of Ekiti State. If one were to be extreme in one’s interpretation, it could even go as far as saying it was an assassination attempt against the governor of the State. That’s why I am going to Abuja to see Mr President and the IG right away. So I wouldn’t want to jump to any conclusion. I have spoken to the relevant people in authority and I believe appropriate steps will be taken.

“The peace that this State has enjoyed in the last three and a half years must be sustained, and I will like to think that all in authority right from Mr President to the chiefs of the security agencies will not want the peace and tranquillity of Ekiti to be in any way disturbed by irresponsible behaviour on the path of law enforcement agents,” he said.

While further reflecting on the attack, the Governor said it was a ploy to intimidate Ekiti people so that they will not come out and vote on election day; adding that no amount of intimidation can cow the very “resilient and determined people’ of the state out of exercising their civic right.

He urged the people of the state not to be deterred by anything even as he said some youths have continued their campaigns despite the ugly incident on Sunday.

He said: “My word of encouragement is that this will not deter our people. Our people are resilient, determined and they will vote in this election. If their agenda here was to ensure that our people are intimidated and cowed into staying at home so as not to come out on the day of election, then it has failed because our campaigns will go on. This morning, I believe the youths are on the street. We shall not be intimidated by this because it is about the mandate of the people, and for now, we are the one holding then mandate and we will protect the mandate with everything, every fibre in us”.

On the harassment of journalists by security agents at the scene of the incident, Governor Fayemi said it was an undemocratic and sad for any security agent to prevent the media from reporting any events which have to do with the safety of lives and property of citizens.


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