Home News Police Drafted to Baptist High School, Iwo

Police Drafted to Baptist High School, Iwo


By Biodun Akande

Following the drama that unfolded at the Baptist High School, Iwo on Wednesday when some students came to the school wearing costumes like masquerades, police have now been drafted to the school premises.
Some policemen were seen yesterday keeping sentry by the school gate at Adeke, Iwo and around the school premises.
Two pick up vans belonging to the police were also seen around the school, just by the road.
A drama of the absurd had played out on Wednesday as some students came to school dressed like masquerades to disguise their identities.
Some other students believed to be from Christian homes wore choir robes while those from Muslim background wore hijab on their uniforms.
The school authorities which had envisaged that drama which had begun on Monday had not abated cancelled the morning assembly on Wednesday.

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