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Police Entrapped Two Gay Men, Tortured Them Into Naming Others.


By Ayo Ade

Yesterday, the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Abuja police entrapped two gay men and tortured them into naming other homosexuals living in the FCT area.

WesternPost correspondent gathered at the scene where the two men Phillips Adewale 37 years old, and Johnson Chukwudi, 34 years old, were allegedly to have been caught having intercourse at the hotel, (name withheld) by some community youths who had been trailing the two men for a week leading to their captured, following a tip off of their homosexual relationship.

The police were called after the two men were beating to a pulp by the youths that caught them. The police said after interrogating the two men, they have drawn up a list of three other wanted gay/bisexual men.

The police said a confessional statement by Johnson and Philips, identified one Imoni Lucky Ehichioya 35 years old, Ibori Anthony 38 years old, and Augustine Eken Iduak 41 years old, as a member of their homosexual syndicate. The police have therefore declared these said individuals wanted in their investigation of homosexual practices.

WesternPost correspondent gathered that the Abuja police were focusing on arresting the said Lucky because he resides in the FCT Abuja. However, the police confirmed with our correspondence that they have tipped off the Ondo State police for assistance arresting Anthony and Augustine who allegedly resides in Ondo State.

The police praised the combine effort of the community youths in fetching out homosexual practices in their neighbourhood. The police maintained that during its investigation into the matter, Phillips Adewale, allegedly confessed that Imoni Lucky Ehichioya, a father of four, was one of his bisexual partners.

The police said, Philips confessed to have been in the relationship with the said Lucky, a native of Uromi town in Esan North East Local Government Area of Edo State, and residing in FCT Abuja, for a year.

The police said, the alleged offence contravened the Anti-Gay Act 214 (3) of the Criminal Code, which criminalises same-sex/marriage, membership of gay rights club as well as other amorous relationship and prescribes 14 years jail term for offenders. The anti-gay bill was signed into law on Monday, January 13, 2014 by former President Goodluck Jonathan.

The police through a statement, informed that part of the exhibits recovered from the suspects by the police included mobile phones containing pictures allegedly showing the accused in a compromising position.

The police said, efforts to arrest the said Lucky was unsuccessful when they stormed his Abuja residence yesterday, adding that they were informed by his neighbours that Lucky had travelled out of the country.

While noting that the Abuja police has put in place logistics to have Lucky surrender himself to the Garki police station, 75 Nsukka Street, Garki, Abuja, for questioning as soon as he is back into the country; just as it assured that Phillips Adewale and Johnson Chukwudi would be arraigned in court upon completion of the police investigation.

The police spokesman, Ality Okoedion, told the Western post correspondence last night, “The police did not torture the two accused guy men, the community youths did. This is a law in Nigeria, and it is in line with the people’s cultural and religious inclination. So, the community and their youths have every right to ensure their community members behave in a manner that is a reflection of their beliefs and orientation of the Nigerian people. … Nigerians are pleased with it.”.



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