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POLITICAL NOTE: Jelili Adesiyan’s Ranting


All though he was tough but he ran away immediately. He is lying if he says Omisore and I beat him. One upper or lower cut would have landed him in the hospital. You know me, let me tell you, Adeleke is a liar. After running to his people in the APC, they perfected the story for him. You know they are very good at propaganda. Ta lo nje ode aperin ni waju ode apeyan (who is an elephant hunter in the presence of a hunter who kills human be­ings)? I will one day leave office as a Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and anytime I leave office, I will fight Adeleke”.

That was Minister of Police Affairs, Alhaji Jelili Adesi­yan speaking with reporters last weekend at the Peoples Democratic Party state secretariat, Gbongan Road, Osogbo. How come some public officers don’t exercise restraint when they speak in public? As the Yoruba would say: Won pe eni Asamu, iwo naa tun se enu samusamu (you are called asamu and you are still making your mouth to echo sound of asamu). Minister Adesiyan was accused of complicity in the murder of the late Bola Ige (the court has discharged and acquitted him) and he foot tooth and nail to extricate himself of that allegation at his ministerial confirmation screening at the Senate where he swore he did not kill Uncle Bola Ige. Yet while denying that he beat former Osun State Governor Isiaka Adeleke at Idea-Nest Hotel in Osogbo on the eve of PDP governorship primaries last May, he somewhat likened himself to Ode apa eniyan (hunter that kills hu­man beings) in his statement quoted at the top of this page. It does not make sense in my view.

Again, why was the minister talking down on Senator Adeleke without according him the respect he deserves as the first executive governor of Osun just because of politics? Why was he talking about Adeleke as if talking about his boy? Adeleke, I understand, once appointed him director-general of an agency in the state. Adesiyan expressed regret that he did not beat Adeleke that day at the Idea-Nest Hotel.

“My regret was that I did not beat him as he claimed I did. If I had not been a minister I would have flogged him like a baby. You know he could not withstand one blow. You know Adeleke is sick; maybe he would have died that day,” Adesiyan had said. How come some our public officers don’t weigh their statements? As a public officer, a minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria for that matter, Adesiyan should have shown decorum and given respect to whom it is due. Everything should not be brought down to politics. In Yoru­baland, respect for elders count for something.


Ekiti Poll: The Last Yet to Be Heard

Despite the accolade won by Governor Kayode Fayemi for conceding defeat to Mr. Ayodele Fayose moments after the results of June 21 governorship election in Ekiti were announced, his party, the All Pro­gressives Congress, has now indicated that it would challenge the election results in court. The party said it would predicate the court challenge on eight constitutional breaches- the militarization of the state, alleged police attack on APC supporters, arrest and detention of its leaders, alleged compromise by se­curity operatives, alleged use of huge funds to induce voters, alleged abuse of national institutions like avia­tion and the setting up of a Special Task Force for PDP. Both Fayemi and his party have been widely applauded for conceding defeat. Is it now a case of bad loser or there are some untoward things that happened at the poll that the court challenge would unravel? Please let the fireworks begin!


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