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Poor Representation, Bane of Nigeria’s Development – Ex-Attorney General

  • Picks Osun West senatorial form

A former Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice in Osun, Chief Gbadegesin Adedeji, on Monday attributed what he called Nigeria’s appalling growth rate to poor representation at the highest levels of decision making.

Adedeji, who was also a delegate to the last National Conference from Osun State, said when Nigeria gets right the issue of adequate representation at the upper and lower chambers of the National Assembly, the country would need to be structured along the lines of six regions or zones as federating units, each with a constitution and developing at its own pace.

The former Commissioner for Justice, who spoke at the state secretariat of the Osun chapter of the All Progressives Congress shortly after picking his form to contest for the Osun West senatorial district slot in the Senate, said over the years, Nigerians had suffered from poor representation as a result of lack of commitment to the goods of the people and inadequate knowledge of the dynamics of developments and growth.

Accompanied by a teeming crowd of supporters drawn from the West senatorial district, the former Attorney-General, who is also the Asiwaju of Iwoland said: “The current appalling state of our nation calls for very deep reflection because if you have many countries that were in similar circumstances of growth such as Nigeria some 30 or 40 years ago and you look at the phenomenal growth those have recorded, you wonder what exactly has stultified our growth. You don’t need to look too far from the quality of representation and the lack of commitment of those who had represented us and made laws for this country.”

Adedeji said while at the National conference as a delegate from Osun, he did not hide his support for part time Senate where he believes that Nigeria’s elder statesmen with ample wealth of experience ought to come at appointed times to deliberate on the affairs of the country based on their diverse experiences and offer solutions while the lower chamber of the assembly is a full time assignment.

He also lamented what he called huge cost of governance in the country at the expense of the critical sector of the economy which he said requires adequate funding for economic stability.

He said: “If a man who should know such as the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria and now the Emir of Kano, could confirm that no less than 25 per cent of our annual budget goes into maintaining the National Assembly alone, that calls for a critical review of our system. A part time Senate could actually be a way out.”

Promising Osun West senatorial District better representation, Adedeji said having been involved in the political, social and economic development of his people over the last two decades; he perfectly understands what his people want and poised to represent them on the basis of their preferences.

“I have been a local government chairman. I have been a National Commissioner on the Federal Character Commission and I have served as the state’s Attorney General and represented Osun at the National Conference. All these put together have prepared me for the task and we would not be in this if not to make significant impact,” he added.


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