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Pregnant Cloud, Oh Nigeria!


Oh pregnant cloud oh Nigeria! Thou art pregnant everybody knows. We all await your delivery

Yes in the soonest time. Even our Neighbors stand to watch. But you have captured our heart in fear. We shiver in cold while the day is hot.

The street is on the race. The deceivers, ‘wolves in sheep clothing’ are knocking noisily on our windows. Standing at our doors begging for alms. Yet no one knows who will pacify us

For we had trusted in the past and were disappointed. Wish we could wake up and fight for change

These deceivers are the cause of our fear. Yes the cause of our trouble. They want no peace but seat. Giving no care but all cost through deceit. Using our ignorant youths for levels. While their seeds are enjoying where the cloud is clear.

Will the cloud be delivered of its pregnancy safely? Without rubbing Peter…? Of course yes! The doctors shout in the labour room. Beating their chest not to fail us. Can we count on them? Let’s wait!!!

Oh pregnant cloud oh Nigeria! …wish you safe delivery!

-By Filani Oluwaseun A. 200 Lev. Mass Comm Dept, Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba-Akoko (Aaua).


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