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President Jonathan Motivated by Fear of Defeat, Says APC Campaign


By Samuel Ogundipe

The APC Presidential Campaign Organisation has described fear as the reason why President Goodluck Jonathan decided to postpone the February 14 presidential elections by six weeks, the All Progressives Congress presidential campaign said on Monday.

In a statement released by the campaign’s Directorate of Media and Publicity, the APCPCO said while the election postponement was supposedly to enable a multinational force that will launch an onslaught on Boko Haram and recover the terrorist group’s stolen territories, President Jonathan had actually seen the writing on the wall and had become desperate, like most men in a state of panic.

“All the opinion polls show that President Jonathan is in his last days at Aso Rock,” said Malam Garba Shehu, Director of Media and Publicity.

“Reports reaching us say that even the polls that his government commissioned in secret by independent polling companies in the United States, United Kingdom and Israel have shown him that the Nigerian people are massively against him.  He is surely headed for a loss at the polls.”

The statement added that President Jonathan had the past five years to do everything his government could to stem the Boko Haram crisis, and was now pretending to be suddenly concerned about the people of the Northeast when he had hitherto showed no concern for their welfare.

“How does he expect anyone to believe that he suddenly cares about the same people he has abandoned all this while?   Or does he suddenly care because there is an election coming up?  What kind of leader is that?” Shehu queried.

According to the APC Campaign, the election postponement was simply a postponement of the inevitable.  There is nothing the president can do to change anything within six weeks, the statement said.

“Jonathan has failed Nigeria,” Shehu said.  “By postponing the elections, the president has simply postponed his doomsday.”


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