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Popular Playwright, Author, Culture Icon, Akinwumi Isola, is Dead


Nigeria’s prolific writer, author and playwright, Prof. Akinwumi Isola, is dead. He died Saturday morning in his residence in Ibadan, aged 78.

WESTERN POST could not immediately confirm the demise from any of his family member early on Saturday, but a source in Ibadan said Papa had passed on. He had been sick in the last two years, suffering age-related ailment.

A Professor of Yoruba literature at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Isola wrote his first play, ‘Efunsetan Aniwura,’around 1961 and 1962 whilst still a student at the University of Ibadan.

This was followed by the novel ‘O Leku’. His play proved popular and one performance in Ibadan was particularly watched by over 40 thousand people.

Also, in 1986, he wrote and composed the college anthem that is currently being sung at Wesley College Ibadan.

Since then, he has written a number of other plays and novels.

Professor Isola also went into broadcasting, creating a production company that has turned a number of his plays into television dramas and films.

Though he claimed that his target audience were Yoruba, Prof. Isola also wrote in English, which he later translated into Yoruba.

In 2000, in recognition of his immense contributions, he was awarded the National Merit Award and the Fellow of the Nigerian Academy of Letters. He was also visiting professor at the University of Georgia.

He wrote a play entitled Olu Omo. This was published May 1983 by Onibonoje Press & Book industries Nigeria Limited.


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