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PRONACO Canvasses Indirect Referendum for Nigeria’s Restructuring


Pro-National Conference Organization, PRONACO, has hailed the renewed call by eminent leaders of thought and prominent Nigerians for urgent political restructuring of the Nigerian Federation.

Former Vice President Atiku Abubarkar as well as other prominent leaders and groups in the country made a renewed advocacy for the restructuring of the Nigerian federation during the week ostensibly to neutralise the mounting insurgency and violence over perceived marginalization in parts of the country.

PRONACO, the main citizens’ movement advocating for national restructuring based on democratic self determination and popular ownership of the Nigerian constitution by the diverse peoples of Nigeria, said the interjection of the political class has reignited hope for national cohesion and political stability in the country.

The coalition, which was initiated by eminent leaders of thought in 2004 under the revered leadership of late Chief Anthony Enahoro, who moved the historic motion for independence of Nigeria and his able compatriot, Nobel Laureate, Prof Wole Soyinka, gave this applause at a media interjection on the state of Nigeria in Lagos at the weekend.

Addressing the nation, through its spokesperson Olawale Okunniyi, who is also the Head of Secretariat of Nigeria Political Summit Group, NPSG, the body stressed the inevitability of a popular restructuring if Nigeria must survive its unending political in-cohesion and instability 

Okunniyi, a close ally of President Muhammadu Buhari, however, cautioned that a legitimate and valid political restructuring of Nigeria can only become a reality if the Federal Government initiates a popularly-composed constituent assembly, which he termed Indirect Referendum to agree and resolve on the most suitable structure for the country based on the various resolutions of  past national conferences in the country.

The group, however, noted that President Buhari as one of the Leaders who physically identified and related with PRONACO to produce a peoples’ draft constitution during its independently-convoked citizens’ driven Peoples National Conference, PNC for national restructuring between 2004 and 2006 is more likely to tow the line of restructuring as he was deemed to understand the positive import of a successful political restructuring on the country’s development.

“The snag that has previously hindered a valid national restructuring in Nigeria is the genuine fear of every past leader of the country not to preside over an unintended consequence of such initiative like the break up of the country among others”.

“And President Buhari too given his military training in patriotism may also be cautious and reticent except he is able to get visible cooperation and firm impetus from the political class as they are currently doing as well as a  practicable blue print and roadmap for a sustainable restructuring in view of the very sensitive and volatile nature of the Nigerian National Question and the rigorous, expensive and delicate process to be undertaken for a legitimate restructuring to take place in Nigeria.

The group however noted that the difference between President Buhari and other past leaders is his profound believe in the masses and  the principle of  popular collective change.

“His usual assertion that peace, stability and development in a country is not dependent on the genuine fears or concern of the presiding leader but the popular will and yearnings of the people especially in their majorities is our assurance here,” Okunniyi averred.


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